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Melbourne 1956 Olympic Medals Table

The Melbourne 1956 Olympics Medals table displays the list of countries which won medals in different categories including gold, silver and bronze. The rankings have been sorted by the number of gold medals won by each nation. There were countries, including the Netherlands, Switzerland (Soviet invasion of Hungary), Spain, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon (Suez Crisis) and the People's Republic of China, which boycotted the Games.

Not many Olympics fans know that Melbourne, Australia was chosen to host the Olympics 1956 by a single vote as against Buenos Aires, Argentina. Other candidate cities included Mexico, Los Angeles, Detroit, Minneapolis, Chicago and San Francisco. On the medal standings, USSR took away maximum number of medals, including 37 gold, 29 silver and 32 bronze. On the second and third positions were United States of America and the host nation Australia. While USA won 32 gold, 25 silver and 17 bronze medals, Australia was successful in winning 13 gold, 8 silver and 14 bronze medals. The 1956 Melbourne Games marked the arrival of Australia as the real sporting force at the Olympics, with stars like the swimmers Murray Rose and Dawn Fraser, sprinters including Shirley Strickland and Betty Cuthbert allowing Australia to finish third on the medals table.

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Last Updated : July 16, 2016