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Antwerp 1920 Olympics Medals Table

The medals table for Antwerp 1920 Olympics has the list of countries in accordance to the number of gold, silver and bronze medals earned by each one. Also, in case the countries face a tie, then equal ranking is provided to each, followed by listing them in an alphabetical order. This is the same ranking format that's followed by IOC, IAAF and BBC.

Though the 1916 Olympic Games were scheduled to take place in Berlin, the same were cancelled because of the World War I. It was later that the 1920 Summer Games fell into the lap of Antwerp as an initiative to honour the sufferings of Belgian population during the First World War. First time in the history of Olympics, Italian sportsman Nedo Nadi won gold medals in five of the six fencing events. Additionally, Ethelda Bleibtrey of the United States won gold medals in all the three women's swimming contests. She swam in five different races and broke the world record in all the preliminary tournaments. A total of 29 NOCs participated in Antwerp 1920 Olympics with 2,626 athletes (65 women & 2,561 men) participating in 156 events. Age was no bar at the 1920 Antwerp Olympics. Swedish shooter Oscar Swahn (aged 72) became the oldest medallist by winning a silver medal in the double-shot running deer event.

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Last Updated : July 13, 2016