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Track Cycling Schedule and Venue for Rio 2016 Olympic Games

The 2016 Games in Numbers

  • Nations Participating : 35
  • Number of Athletes : 186
  • Total Events : 10

Rio 2016 Summer Olympics Track Cycling Schedule

DateStart TimeEnd TimeDisciplineGenderEventsMedalVenueZone
Aug 11, 201616:0018:45Track CyclingM/FMen's Qualifying Semi- finals Final Women's QualifyingYesRio Olympic VelodromeBarra
Aug 12, 201616:0019:10Track CyclingM/FMen's & Women's Qualifying Semi-finals FinalsYesRio Olympic VelodromeBarra
Aug 13, 201610:0011:40Track CyclingMMen's Finals Women's Qualifying Semi-finalsNoRio Olympic VelodromeBarra
Aug 13, 201616:0018:25Track CyclingM/FMen's Quarter-finals Semis Women's Qualifying FinalsYesRio Olympic VelodromeBarra
Aug 14, 201616:0020:00Track CyclingM/FMen's Finals Women's QualifyingYesRio Olympic VelodromeBarra
Aug 15, 201610:0011:20Track CyclingM/FMen's and Women's QualifyingNoRio Olympic VelodromeBarra
Aug 15, 201616:0018:45Track CyclingM/FMen's Qualifying Finals Women's QualifyingYesRio Olympic VelodromeBarra
Aug 16, 201610:0011:50Track CyclingM/FMen's Qualifying Women's Qualifying Quarter-finalsNoRio Olympic VelodromeBarra
Aug 16, 201616:0018:50Track CyclingM/FMen's Qualifying Finals Women's Semi-finals FinalsYesRio Olympic VelodromeBarra

Track Cycling at Olympics: Track cycling is a discipline included in the cycling event at the international competitions. The sport has been contested at the competitions for a long time since the nineteenth century. However, with the advent of the modern cycling machines, the event has become more and more popular. Track cycling is contested at the banked tracks, which are specially built for the event. The tracks built for track cycling is known as "velodromes". At some places the races are also held on grass tracks. The bicycles used for the track cycling contest are different from the cycles used for daily transport. The Union Cyclist Internationale or the UCI is the governing body of the sport at international level.

Track cycling in the Summer Games: Six cycling events were held at the 1896 Athens Summer Games. Since then, cycling is a regular event contested at the Summer Games. At present, a number of events are held at the Olympic cycling competitions. The events currently contested at the Olympics are-

  • Individual pursuit for men
  • Keirin for men
  • Madison for men
  • Olympic sprint for men
  • Points race for men
  • Individual sprint for men
  • Team Pursuit (4000m) for men
  • Individual pursuit for women
  • Points race for women
  • Sprint for women

Categories of Track Cycling: Based on the race format, track cycling has been divided in various categories. The most common categories contested at the international level are-
  • Sprint
  • Team sprint
  • Kilometer or track time trial
  • Keirin
  • Individual pursuit
  • Team pursuit
  • Point races
  • Madison
  • Scratch race

The other categories of track cycling event are-
  • 200 meter time trial
  • Tandem
  • Motor pacing
  • Elimination race
  • Six-day race

Rules of Track Cycling: The Union Cyclist Internationale or the UCI is authorized to set rules for the track cycling event at the international level. Some of the rules followed during the track cycling competition are-
  • The number of riders on the track in any event is specified by the UCI.
  • The participants can be divided in various categories according to their age.
  • Use of radio communication system is prohibited on track during the race.
  • The riders are not allowed to carry any item with them, which can be dropped on the track.
  • The riders are given warning at the commencement of any offence. For any serious offence, the rider can be disqualified from the competition.
  • The riders have to start the race from a starting block.
  • During the race, heats are arranged for selection of the riders at the next round.
  • The riders are not permitted to obstruct the way of their co-riders.
  • If there is a fall or the vehicle is damaged, the race can be stopped.
  • The distance covered by the riders during various cycling events are determined by the UCI.
  • The structure of the starting blocks and the bicycles are specified by the UCI.
  • The way, in which a velodrome should be constructed, is determined by the UCI. The length and width of the track are also specified in the rules set by the UCI.
  • The track should be properly marked for the convenience of the participating riders.

Medal winners in Track Cycling: Ryan Bayley, Jose Escuredo, Shane Kelly, Mikhail Ignatyev, Joan Llaneras, Guido Fulst, Bradley Wiggins, Bradley McGee, Sergi Escobar, Theo Bos, Rene Wolff, Chris Hoy, Arnaud Tournant, Stefan Nimke, Jens Mouris, Tim Veldt, Nikolai Trussov, Peter Schep, Rafat Ratajczyk, Damian Zielinski, Levi Heimans, Niki Terpstra and Gregory Bauge are some of the famous male track cyclists at the international level. Some of the leading cyclists at the field of track cycling are Sarah Hammer, Felicia Ballanger , Christin Muche, Erika Salumae, Vera Carrara, Gina Grain, Olga Slyusareva, Belem Guerrero, Maria Luisa Calle, Sarah Ulmer, Katie Mactier, Leontien van Moorsel, Lori-Ann Muenzer, Tamilla Abassova, Anna Meares, Jiang Yonghua and Natallia Tsylinskaya.

Track Cycling Top Men Medalists

Men Medals
Great BritainChris Hoy6107
Great BritainBradley Wiggins3126
USABurton Downing2316

Track Cycling Top Women Medalists

ChinaShuang Guo0224
FranceFelicia Ballanger3003
Great BritainVictoria Pendleton2103

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Last updated on: August 03, 2016