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Rowing Schedule and Venue for Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Rowing at Olympics: Rowing is a water sport. It is a speed and endurance sport, which involves rowing in narrow boats. The history of rowing can be traced back to the thirteenth century. However, the event was popularized in the eighteenth century. The boats used in the rowing competition are called "shells" or "fine boats". In the rowing competitions, the boats are rowed in a disciplined manner. The athlete sits on a sliding seat with face backwards and uses oars to move the boat. The two most common forms of rowing are sweep-oar rowing and sculling. In sweep-oar rowing, rowers hold one oar each with both hands. In sculling, each rower has two oars, one in each hand. Rowing has always been dominated by men in the long history of the sport. Women started to participate in the event much later in the twentieth century. The Federation Internationale des Societes d'Aviron or the FISA is the governing body fro rowing at the international level.

The 2016 Games in Numbers

  • Nations Participating : 69
  • Number of Athletes : 529
  • Total Events : 14

Rio 2016 Olympics Rowing Schedule

DateStart TimeEnd TimeDisciplineGenderEventsMedalVenueZone
Aug 6, 20168:3013:10RowingM/FMen's and Women's HeatsNoLagoa StadiumCopacabana
Aug 7, 20168:3012:30RowingM/FMen's and Women's Heats RepechagesNoLagoa StadiumCopacabana
Aug 8, 20168:3011:10RowingM/FMen's and Women's Heats Repechages Semi-finalsNoLagoa StadiumCopacabana
Aug 9, 20168:3011:50RowingM/FMen's and Women's Quarter-finals Semi-finalsNoLagoa StadiumCopacabana
Aug 10, 20168:3012:50RowingM/FMen's and Women's Semi- finals FinalsYesLagoa StadiumCopacabana
Aug 11, 20168:3011:40RowingM/FMen's and Women's Semi- finals FinalsYesLagoa StadiumCopacabana
Aug 12, 20168:3011:40RowingM/FMen's and Women's FinalsYesLagoa StadiumCopacabana
Aug 13, 20168:5011:40RowingM/FMen's and Women's FinalsYesLagoa StadiumCopacabana

Rowing in the Summer Games: Rowing was introduced to the Olympic schedule at the 1900 Paris Summer Games. Only men were allowed to participate in the Olympics rowing competition till the 1976 Games. Women's rowing events were included in the Olympic rowing program in the 1976 Montreal Summer Games. At the current Olympics, 14 events are held in the rowing competition. At present, the events contested at the rowing competition are-

  • Coxless pair for men
  • Single sculls for men
  • Double sculls for men
  • Eight with coxswain for men
  • Four without coxswain for men
  • Lightweight coxless four for men
  • Lightweight double sculls for men
  • Quadruple sculls for men
  • Single sculls for women
  • Double sculls for women
  • Eight with coxswain for women
  • Lightweight double sculls for women
  • Pair without coxswain for women
  • Quadruple sculls for women

Rules of Rowing: The Federation Internationale des Societes d'Aviron or the FISA sets rules for rowing at the international level. Some of the rules followed during the rowing competitions are-

  • The dimension of the boats used during the rowing competition is determined by the FISA.
  • The numbers of rowers in different rowing events are specified by the FISA in its rulebook.
  • The distance covered in the rowing events during the competitions are determined by the FISA.
  • The number of lanes in the rowing courses is determined by the FISA in the rulebook.
  • The rowers in the rowing events are divided in various groups according to their ages. There are generally four groups-juniors, under 23, seniors and masters.
  • In the masters' competitions, rowers can contest up to old ages.
  • The weights of the rowers during the competition are also predetermined by the FISA.
  • The various classes of boats used during the competitions have to be approved by the FISA.
  • Use of wireless transmission devices is prohibited during the rowing competitions.

Medal winners in Rowing: France, Slovenia, Italy, the United States of America, Great Britain, Australia, Germany, Romania and Netherlands are the leading nations in the field of rowing at the international level. Some of the famous rowers of the world are Sr. John B. Kelly, Olaf Karl Tufte, Ivo Yanakiev, Kathrin Boron , Georgina Evers-Swindell , Caroline Evers-Swindell , Katherine Grainger , Silken Laumann , Marnie McBean , Kathleen Heddle , Elisabeta Lipa , Bobby Pearce , Vyacheslav Nikolayevich Ivanov , Pertti Karppinen , Thomas Lange Ekaterina Karsten, Katrin Rutschow-Stomporowski and Rumyana Neykova.

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