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Mountain Biking Schedule and Venue for Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Mountain Biking at Olympics: Mountain biking is a sport discipline included in the cycling event. The vehicles used during the event are mountain bikes. The races are held off-road, generally in the hilly regions. Mountain biking's

Rio 2016 Summer Olympics Mountain Biking Schedule

11th August 12:30 - 14:30Hadleigh Farm, Essex
  • Women's Cross-Country: race, victory ceremony
  • 12th August 13:30 - 15:30Hadleigh Farm, Essex
  • Men's Cross-Country: race, victory ceremony

  • advent dates back to the first half of the twentieth century. The event turned into a professional sport within the last half of the century. There are various categories of mountain biking. The sport event is governed by the Union Cyclist Internationale or the UCI.

    Mountain Biking in the Summer Games: Mountain biking was included in the Olympic schedule at the 1996 Atlanta Summer Games. Since then, the event has been contested regularly at the Olympics. Only cross country race is contested at the Summer Games. Men over a distance between 40 and 50 kilometer during the race. The distance covered by the women is 30 to 40 kilometer.

    Categories of Mountain Biking: Mountain biking is divided in various categories. The two major categories contested during mountain biking competitions are-

    • Cross country
    • Downhill

    There are other less contested categories also. The categories are-

    • Free ride
    • Dirt Jump
    • Trials/street riding

    Rules of Mountain Biking: The Union Cyclist Internationale or the UCI is authorized to set rules to be followed during the mountain biking races at the international level. Some of the mountain biking rules include-

    • The length of the cross country races should be between 5 kilometer and 9 kilometer. The race course should be marked at every kilometer.
    • The race is divided into various categories according to the age of the participants. Generally there are three categories-juniors, elite and masters.
    • The races are generally started in group.
    • A course should be properly marked for directing the bikers in right way. The signs, which should be used on the course, are specified in the rule book of the UCI.
    • Starting and finishing points on a course should be appropriately marked with banners at high above the ground level.
    • Riders are penalized for moving from one course to another during the race.
    • The riders are not allowed to obstruct other bikers' progress during the competition. if found guilty, a biker can be penalized.
    • A false start can lead to disqualification from the competition.
    • Using radio during the race is prohibited.
    • The size of the wheels of the bicycles is specified by the UCI.

    Medal winners in Mountain Biking: Juliuen Absalon, Miguel Martinez, Bart Brentjens, John Tomac, Tom Ritchey, Hans Rey, Jacquie Phelan, Steve Peat, Paola Pezzo, Ned Overend, Charlie Kelley, Greg Herbold, Missy Giove, Juli Furtado, Gary Fisher, Alison Dunlap, Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesja, Charlie Cunningham, Keith Bontrager and Fabien Barel are some of the leading bikers, who excelled in the event of mountain biking at the international level

    Mountain Biking Top Men Medalists

    Men Medals
    FranceJulien Absalon2002
    FranceMiguel Martinez1012
    NetherlandsBart Brentjens0000

    Mountain Biking Top Women Medalists

    GermanySabine Spitz1113
    ItalyPaola Pezzo2002
    FranceJulie Bresset1001

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