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Badminton Schedule and Venue for Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Badminton at Olympics: Badminton is a racquet sport, which is essentially an indoor event. In the event, a shuttle cock is exchanged between the players by means of racquets. The players are placed in two halves of a rectangular court divided by a net in the middle. Badminton appeared as a modern sport event in the middle of the 19 th century. However, the origin of badminton can be traced back to the ancient days. It is evident that badminton has evolved from the games, shuttlecock and battledore, which were played in ancient Greece, Japan, China and India. In the modern age, the first badminton competition was held in 1899. The game is played by both men and women at international level. The International Badminton Federation or the IBF is the governing body of international badminton.

The 2016 Games in Numbers

  • Nations Participating : 46
  • Number of Athletes : 172
  • Total Events : 5

Rio 2016 Summer Olympics Badminton Schedule

The Rio Olympics Archery Event will start on Thursday 11 August and finish on Saturday 20 August, 2016.
DateStart TimeEnd TimeDisciplineGenderEventsMedalVenueZone
Aug 11, 20168:0014:00BadmintonM/FMen's & Women's Singles & Doubles Mixed DoublesNoRiocentro - Pavilion 4Barra
Aug 11, 201615:3018:00BadmintonM/FMen's & Women's Singles & Doubles Mixed DoublesNoRiocentro - Pavilion 4Barra
Aug 11, 201619:3023:00BadmintonM/FMen's & Women's Singles & Doubles Mixed DoublesNoRiocentro - Pavilion 4Barra
Aug 12, 20168:0014:00BadmintonM/FMen's & Women's Singles & Doubles Mixed DoublesNoRiocentro - Pavilion 4Barra
Aug 12, 201615:3018:00BadmintonM/FMen's & Women's Singles & Doubles Mixed DoublesNoRiocentro - Pavilion 4Barra
Aug 12, 201619:3023:00BadmintonM/FMen's & Women's Singles & Doubles Mixed DoublesNoRiocentro - Pavilion 4Barra
Aug 13, 20168:0014:00BadmintonM/FMen's & Women's Singles & Doubles Mixed DoublesNoRiocentro - Pavilion 4Barra
Aug 13, 201615:3018:00BadmintonM/FMen's & Women's Singles & Doubles Mixed DoublesNoRiocentro - Pavilion 4Barra
Aug 13, 201619:3023:00BadmintonM/FMen's & Women's Singles & DoublesNoRiocentro - Pavilion 4Barra
Aug 14, 20168:0013:30BadmintonM/FMen's & Women's Singles PrelimsNoRiocentro - Pavilion 4Barra
Aug 14, 201615:3018:00BadmintonM/FMen's & Women's Singles PrelimsNoRiocentro - Pavilion 4Barra
Aug 14, 201619:3022:30BadmintonM/FWomen's Singles & Mixed Doubles Quarter-finalsNoRiocentro - Pavilion 4Barra
Aug 15, 20168:3013:30BadmintonM/FMen's Singles (last 16) Men's & Women's Doubles QFNoRiocentro - Pavilion 4Barra
Aug 15, 201617:3023:00BadmintonM/FMen's & Women's Singles (last 16) Mixed Doubles Semi-finalsNoRiocentro - Pavilion 4Barra
Aug 16, 20168:3012:30BadmintonM/FMen's & Women's Doubles Semi-finals |NoRiocentro - Pavilion 4Barra
Aug 16, 201617:3023:00BadmintonM/FWomen's Singles Quarter- finals Mixed Doubles BronzeNoRiocentro - Pavilion 4Barra
Aug 17, 20168:3013:30BadmintonM/FMen's Singles Quarter- finals Mixed Doubles Finals |YesRiocentro - Pavilion 4Barra
Aug 18, 20168:3013:30BadmintonM/FW Singles Semi-finals W Doubles Finals M Doubles BronzeYesRiocentro - Pavilion 4Barra
Aug 19, 20168:3013:30BadmintonM/FM Singles Semi-finals W Singles Finals M Doubles FinalsYesRiocentro - Pavilion 4Barra
Aug 20, 20168:3011:00BadmintonMMen's Singles FinalsYesRiocentro - Pavilion 4Barra

In a badminton match, there are three games. To win, a player has to make 21 points in each game. Earlier a different scoring system was in effect at the badminton competitions. Then, the winning of men and women differed. Men had to score 17 to win a set or game and women had to score 13. players use various strokes and strategies to succeed in the game.

Badminton in the Summer Games: badminton made its debut in the Olympics at the 1992 Barcelona Summer Games. In the 1992 Games, both men and women participated in the badminton competition. The competition was held in four categories. The mixed doubles badminton event was introduced to the Olympics in 1996 Atlanta Summer Games. Badminton has become a regular event in the Olympic schedule.

Categories of Badminton: On the basis of the number of players involved in the game, badminton has been divided into five categories. The categories of badminton are-

•  Singles- In the singles match, two players compete. There are men's singles and women's singles contested at the badminton competitions.

•  Doubles- In the doubles match, two pairs of players play opposite to each other. At the international badminton competitions, men's double and women's doubles are held.

•  Mixed doubles- In the mixed doubles event, one male and one female player team up. Two such mixed pairs play against each other during the competition.

Rules for Badminton: The International Badminton Federation or the IBF is authorized to set rules for badminton. Some of the rules set by the IBF are-

  • The badminton court has to be rectangular in shape. The length and width of the court have been specified by the IBF. The various divisions of the court should be properly marked.
  • The height of the net set in the middle of the court is determined by the IBF.
  • The design and weight of the shuttle cock used during badminton competitions are determined by the IBF.
  • The scoring system used during the badminton competition is set and revised by the IBF.
  • The players are allowed to strike the shuttle cock within the boundary of their opponents' court.
  • Technique of serving the cock and the body movement of the players during service are mentioned in the IBF rules for the sport. Violation of the rule can lead to punishment.
  • The shuttle cannot hit the ceiling of the stadium. It is considered to be a foul.
  • Players are not allowed to enter his or her opponent's court during the game. Neither are the players permitted to touch the net.
  • Obstructing an opponent from making a stroke is a punishable offence.

  • Medal winners in Badminton: Alan Budikusuma, Poul-Erik Hoyer Larsen, Ji Xinpeng, Taufik Hidayat, Kim Moon-Soo, Park Joo-Bong, Rexy Mainaky, Ricky Subagja, Tony Gunawan, Candra Wijaya, Kim Dong-moon, Ha Tae-kwon, Zhang Jun, Lee Dong-soo, Yoo Yong-sung and Shon Seung-mo are some of the leading players in the field of men's badminton.

    Some of the female players leading in the women's badminton competitions are Susi Susanti, Bang Soo Hyun, Gong Zhichao, Zhang Ning, Hwang Hye Young, Chung So-Young, Ge Fei, Gu Jun, Zhang Jiewen, Yang Wei, Gil Young Ah, Gao Ling, Huang Sui, Mia Audina, Camilla Martin and Lee Kyung-won.

    Badminton Top Men Medalists

    Men Medals
    Republic of KoreaDong-Moon Kim2013
    ChinaLin Dan2002
    ChinaJun Zhang2002

    Badminton Top Women Medalists

    ChinaLing Gao2114
    Republic of KoreaYoung-Ah Gil1113
    ChinaZhao Yunlei2002

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    Last updated on: August 03, 2016

    Team USA defeated team Serbia to win its third straight basketball gold medal in Men’s Basketball tournament. The winning team’s coach Mike Krzyzewski was utmost delighted with his team’s victory on the final day of Rio 2016 Olympic Games. USA won by a 19-15 lead and this is their 25th straight victory at the Olympic Games in addition to the 15th straight victory in the basketball tournament. 

    Mo Farah of Great Britain has bagged the gold by winning the 5000 meters final and completed the double double. According to media reports, with this victory Farah has become the second man in the history of Olympics to be able to successfully defend his 5000 and 10000 Olympic championships. His victory is being hailed on Twitter with some calling him the greatest long distance runner of all time. Meanwhile, the silver medal has gone to Paul Kipkemoi Chelimo and Dejen Gebremeskel of Ethiopia has bagged the bronze.

    In the women's event, Caster Semenya of South Africa won the Olympic gold in the 800m. She won in one minute 55.28 seconds.  Francine Niyonsaba of Burundi won the silver medal and Kenya's Margaret Nyairera Wambui bagged the bronze.

    Chen Long of China has taken gold medal in the Rio Olympics 2016 after defeating Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia, who has won a silver in men’s badminton today. Lee was facing pressure not to lose the match. He beat Lin Dan of China in the semi-final. Lee and Lin, both are considered to be the best players of their time. With Lee’s defeat, Malaysia has missed out the chance of getting an Olympic gold medal.


    Italy came up with a win and is heading to men's volleyball final against Brazil, after defeating USA. The US men's volleyball team tried all their survival skills, but could not stand in front of Italy. The winning team's thriller was 30-28, 26-28, 9-25, 25-22, 15-9. After it was over, US coach John Speraw said that the team was not skilled enough and they did not execute on some of the opportunities, which Italy flawlessly did

    French boxer Estelle Mossely celebrated her 24th birthday by winning a gold medal in Women’s lightweight boxing championship. She defeated China’s Yin Junhua after the end of four rounds that had the two defending champions leveled on the scorecards of three judges. The bronze medals were earned by Mira Potkonen of Finland and Anastasia Beliakova of Russia.

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