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Archery Schedule and Venue for Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Archery at Olympics: Archery is a sport event which involves shooting a target by means of a bow and arrows. The earliest evidence of archery was found almost 5000 years back. The bow was developed as a tool used for hunting and fighting. In the past, Persians, Nubians, Macedonians, Parthians, Indians, Chinese, Greeks and Koreans included large number of field archers in their army, as they could cause massive destruction to the enemy attacking from a distance. With the discovery of firearms, the bow and arrows were obsolete in combat. As time passed, archery transformed into a sport event. The bow was replaced by the atlatl, which is used as a launching projectile. Bows are generally made of carbon or fiber glass.

The 2016 Games in Numbers

  • Nations Participating : 56
  • Number of Athletes : 128
  • Total Events : 4

Rio 2016 Summer Olympics Archery Schedule

The Rio Olympics Archery Event will start on Saturday 6 August and finish on Friday 12 August, 2016.
DateStart TimeEnd TimeDisciplineGenderEventsMedalVenueZone
Aug 6, 20169:0012:20ArcheryMMen's Team 1/8 EliminationsNoSambódromoMaracanã
Aug 6, 201615:0019:00ArcheryMMen's Team Quarter-finals Semi-finals FinalsYesSambódromoMaracanã
Aug 7, 20169:0012:20ArcheryFWomen's Team 1/8 EliminationsNoSambódromoMaracanã
Aug 7, 201615:0019:00ArcheryFWomen's Team Quarter- finals Semi-finals FinalsYesSambódromoMaracanã
Aug 8, 20169:0013:00ArcheryM/FMen's and Women's Individual EliminationsNoSambódromoMaracanã
Aug 8, 201615:0017:40ArcheryM/FMen's and Women's Individual EliminationsNoSambódromoMaracanã
Aug 9, 20169:0013:00ArcheryM/FMen's and Women's Individual EliminationsNoSambódromoMaracanã
Aug 9, 201615:0017:40ArcheryM/FMen's and Women's Individual EliminationsNoSambódromoMaracanã
Aug 10, 20169:0013:00ArcheryM/FMen's and Women's Individual EliminationsNoSambódromoMaracanã
Aug 10, 201615:0019:00ArcheryM/FMen's and Women's Individual EliminationsNoSambódromoMaracanã
Aug 11, 20169:0010:45ArcheryFWomen's Individual 1/8 EliminationsNoSambódromoMaracanã
Aug 11, 201615:0017:20ArcheryFWomen's Quarter-finals Semi-finals FinalYesSambódromoMaracanã
Aug 12, 20169:0010:45ArcheryMMen's Individual 1/8 EliminationsNoSambódromoMaracanã
Aug 12, 201615:0017:20ArcheryMMen's Quarter-finals Semi- finals FinalYesSambódromoMaracanã

There is one sight and stabilizers in the bow. The stabilizers are used to stabilize the bow at the time of shooting. The metallic tips of arrows are sharp. The targets are made of straw ropes. The canvas or colored paper targets are attached to the targets.

In the sport, archery, scores are given on the basis of nearness of the shot to the centre of the target. After adding the individual scores, the archer with the highest score is declared the winner. Archery at the international level is administrated by the International Archery Federation.

Archery in Summer Olympics: Archery was included in the Olympic schedule at the 1900 Paris Summer Games. In the Games, seven disciplines were held in the archery competition. In the next Olympics till 1920, the number of events included in the Olympic archery program differed on every occasion. The sport was excluded from the Olympic program in 1912. However, it returned in the 1920 Olympics. After 1920, the sport was dropped from the Olympic schedule as there were no fixed international rules for archery. The sport was reintroduced with the individual event in Olympics schedule at the 1972 Munich Summer Games. In 1988, team competition was added to the Olympic archery program. Since then, archery competition has been held regularly in the Summer Games. since the 1992 Barcelona Summer Games, the head to head competition has been the general feature of the archery competition. Currently the events included in the Olympic archery competition are-

•  Men's individual competition

•  Men's team competition

•  Women's individual competition

•  Women's team competition

In the Olympic archery competition, the individual archers or teams compete in a single head to head elimination round. In the round, the archers are given grades from one to sixty four. The archers winning the semifinals compete for gold and silver medals in the final. The losers of the semi finals compete for the bronze medal.

Rules of Archery: There are various rules which are strictly followed during the archery competitions. The main rules of the archery competitions are as follows-

  • Crossbow is not allowed to be used during shooting a target in the archery competition.
  • Arrows should be thrown at the target only after the signal has been given to shoot.
  • The archers have to mark their arrows so that they could be identified after the arrow has been shot.
  • The archer is permitted only six attempts at a specific target. If he shoots more than six arrows at a target, the lowest six shots are taken in consideration. The arrow shot at any other target is also not considered for the archer's score.
  • When an arrow falls from the bow in such a manner that it cannot be touched with the bow from the shooting line is considered to be a shot.
  • The archers are bound to follow a certain sequence during the archery competition. They should shoot from the longest distance first, and then come closer to the target.
  • Sequences of distances fixed for the men's archery competition are - 90 meter (300 feet), 70 meter (230 feet), 50 meter (165 feet) and 30 meter (100 feet). The sequence of distances for the women's competition is 70 meter (230 feet), 60 meter (around 180 feet), 50 meter (165 feet) and 30 meter (around 90 feet).
  • Scores in the archery competition are recorded in descending order, from the highest score to the lowest score.
  • No archer can retrieve shot arrows until the signal is given to do so.
  • The time scheduled for a single FITA (Federation International de Tir al Arc) round is one or two days.

Categories of Archery and various Archery Competitions: The modern archery competitions are divided into two main categories. These categories are-

•  Target archery-In target archery archers shoot at a specific target from various distances.

•  Field archery-In field archery, archers move around a definite route and shoot at targets of different size and shapes. The distances from where the archers have to shoot at the targets are not declared before hand. The bow used in this category has resemblance with traditional bow.

There are also some other archery competitions, which are as much popular as the field and target archery. These competitions are approved by the FITA (Federation International de Tir al Arc). The various archery competitions are as follows-

•  3D Archery

•  Coult archery

•  Flight archery

•  Ski archery

•  Beursault

•  Popinjay or Papingo

•  Broadhead round

•  Bionic and running bucks

•  Darts

•  Archery golf

•  Night shooting

•  Turkey tester

Medal Winners in Archery: America and Korea has been dominating the field of Olympic archery since its inclusion in the Olympic schedule. Some famous archers in the history of Olympics are Darrell Pace, Tomi Poikolainen, Jay Barrs, Justin Huish, Simon Fairweather, Marco Galiazzo, Richard McKinney, Magnus Petersson, Vic Wunderle, Hiroshi Yamamoto, Tim Cuddihy, Wietse van Alten, Oh Kyo-Moon, Giancarlo Ferrari, Doreen Wilber, Kim Soo-Nyung, Yun Mi-Jin, Park Sung Hyun, Lee Sung Jin, Kim Nam-Soon, He Ying, Li Lingiuan, Natalia Valeeva, Olena Sadovnycha and Alison Williamson.

Archery Top Men Medalists

Men Medals
BelgiumHubert Van Innis6309
FranceJulien Brule1315
BelgiumLouis van de Perck2204

Archery Top Women Medalists

Republic of KoreaSoo-Nyung Kim4116
Republic of KoreaSung-Hyun Park3104
Republic of KoreaMi-Jin Yun3003

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