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Olympic Records in Swimming

Olympic Swimming: Ian Thorpe, Michael Phelps, Grant Hackett, and Mark Spitz are considered as four legendry swimmers,who have won gold medal, swimming, and hold several Olympic records in swimming.

Swimming at the Summer Olympics became an important sport in 1896 with 100 meters and 1500 meters free style competitions for men. Women's swimming competition were included for the first time in the Olympics in the 1912 Games. Summer Games have 32 swimming races, 16 for men and 16 for women. From these 32 races, 26 are individual events and 6 are team or relay events. There are, in general, four competitive strokes or styles that are followed in swimming sports: back stroke, breast stroke, butterfly, freestyle, and individual medley for both men and women in different distances. In relay race, a swimming team competes in three relay distances 200 meters, 400meters, and 800 meters.The relays are the freestyle and the medley.

Men's Records
50 m freestyle21.30 César Cielo Filho Brazil (BRA)2008 Beijing16/08/08
100 m backstroke52.16 Matt Grevers United States (USA)2012 London30/07/12
100 m breaststroke58.46 Cameron van der Burgh South Africa (RSA)2012 London29/07/12
100 m butterfly50.58 Michael Phelps United States (USA)2008 Beijing16/08/08
100 m freestyle47.05 Eamon Sullivan Australia (AUS)2008 Beijing13/08/08
4×100 m freestyle relay3:08.24 Michael Phelps (47.51)
Garrett Weber-Gale (47.02)
Cullen Jones (47.65)
Jason Lezak (46.06)
 United States (USA)2008 Beijing11/08/08
4×100 m medley relay3:29.34 Aaron Peirsol (53.16)
Brendan Hansen (59.27)
Michael Phelps (50.15)
Jason Lezak (46.76)
 United States (USA)2008 Beijing17/08/08
200 m backstroke1:53.41 Tyler Clary United States (USA)2012 London02/08/12
200 m breaststroke2:07.28 Dániel Gyurta Hungary (HUN)2012 London01/08/12
200 m butterfly1:52.03 Michael Phelps United States (USA)2008 Beijing13/08/08
200 m individual medley1:54.23 Michael Phelps United States (USA)2008 Beijing15/08/08
200 m freestyle1:42.96 Michael Phelps United States (USA)2008 Beijing12/08/08
4×200 m freestyle relay6:58.56 Michael Phelps (1:43.31)
Ryan Lochte (1:44.28)
Ricky Berens (1:46.29)
Peter Vanderkaay (1:44.68)
 United States (USA)2008 Beijing13/08/08
400 m individual medley4:03.84 Michael Phelps United States (USA)2008 Beijing10/08/08
400 m freestyle3:40.14 Sun Yang China (CHN)2012 London28/07/12
1500 m freestyle14:31.02 Sun Yang China (CHN)2012 London04/08/12

Women's Record
50 m freestyle24.05 Ranomi Kromowidjojo Netherlands (NED)2012 London04/08/12
100 m freestyle53.00 Ranomi Kromowidjojo Netherlands (NED)2012 London02/08/12
200 m freestyle1:53.61 Allison Schmitt United States (USA)2012 London31/07/12
400 m freestyle4:01.45 Camille Muffat France (FRA)2012 London29/07/12
800 m freestyle8:14.10 Rebecca Adlington Great Britain (GBR)2008 Beijing16/08/08
100 m backstroke58.23 Emily Seebohm Australia (AUS)2012 London29/07/12
200 m backstroke2:04.06 Missy Franklin United States (USA)2012 London03/08/12
100 m breaststroke1:05.17 Leisel Jones Australia (AUS)2008 Beijing10/08/08
200 m breaststroke2:19.59 Rebecca Soni United States (USA)2012 London02/08/12
100 m butterfly55.98 Dana Vollmer United States (USA)2012 London29/07/12
200 m butterfly2:04.06 Jiao Liuyang China (CHN)2012 London01/08/12
200 m individual medley2:07.57 Ye Shiwen China (CHN)2012 London31/07/12
400 m individual medley4:28.43 Ye Shiwen China (CHN)2012 London28/07/12
4×100 m freestyle relay3:33.15 Alicia Coutts (53.90)
Cate Campbell (54.19)
Brittany Elmslie (53.41)
Melanie Schlanger (52.65)
 Australia (AUS)2012 London28/07/12
4×200 m freestyle relay7:42.92 Missy Franklin (1:55.96)
Dana Vollmer (1:56.02)
Shannon Vreeland (1:56.85)
Allison Schmitt (1:54.09)
 United States (USA)2012 London01/08/12
4×100 m medley relay3:52.05 Missy Franklin (58.50)
Rebecca Soni (1:04.82)
Dana Vollmer (55.48)
Allison Schmitt (53.25)
 United States (USA)2012 London04/08/12