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Famous Wrestlers

Wrestling is a combat sport. Wrestling is played between two players. The aim of wrestling is to fight each other without any arm.
To win a wrestling match, a wrestler has to pin his or her opponent down on the ground. Wrestling technique consists of speed, strength and conditioning.

The International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles or the FILA is the international governing body of wrestling.

The two wrestling styles contested at the Olympics are-Greco-Roman wrestling and freestyle wrestling.

Wrestling had been introduced in the 1896 Summer Games for the first time . The women freestyle wrestling was introduced to the international arena in the 2004 Summer Games.

There are a number of wrestlers to have earned international acclaim for their strength, stamina and remarkable tricks. Amongst the famous Greco-Roman wrestlers of the world are Rulon Gardner, Gheorghe Berceanu, Pietro Lombardi, Boris Gurevich, Aleksey Shumakov, Zaksylik Ushkempirov, Vincenzo Maenza, Oleg Kucherenko, Sim Kwon-Ho, Yuri Melnichenko, Armen Nazaryan and Istvan Majoros.

Amongst the famous Freestyle wrestlers of the world are Robert Curry, Kim IL, George Mehnert, Namig Abdullayev, Valentin Jordanov, Isidor Niflot, George Mehnert, Mavlet Batirov, Yandro Miguel Quintana, Mourad Oumakhanov, Elbrus Tedeyev and Daniel Igali.

Name : Alexandr Alexandrovich Karelin
Date of Birth:19th September, 1967
Country: Russia
Wrestling: Greco-Roman style
Category: Super Heavyweight

  • Gold medalist in the super heavyweight category of the Greco-Roman wrestling competition at the 1988 Seoul Summer Games
  • Winner of Gold medal in the super heavyweight category of the Greco-Roman wrestling competition at the 1992 Barcelona Summer Games
  • Gold medal winner in the super heavyweight category of the Greco-Roman wrestling competition at the 1996 Atlanta Summer Games
  • Silver medalist in the 97-130 kilogram category of the Greco-Roman wrestling competition in the 2000 Sydney Olympics















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