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Famous Olympic Skiers

Skiing Olympic Players: Skiing is a sport that can be enjoyed only in cold countries, as snow is the base for this sport. Skis, which are used to move on ice, are elongated conjunctions attached to the boots. There are two main types of skiing, which include Alpine style and the Nordic style. The Nordic style is the oldest type of skiing. In these two styles, what is different is the binding style.

The other styles of skiing include Cross Country Skiing, Back Country Skiing, Alpine Skiing, Alpine Freestyle, Military Skiing, Kite Skiing, Para Skiing, Nordic Jumping, Nordic Skiing, Telemark Skiing, Randonnee Skiing and Ski Joring.

Skiing was discovered by Skadi, who is known as the snowshoe Goddess. It was initially a way of traveling over loose snow from one place to another. Presently International Ski Federation regulates the laws and rules of the sport for the competitions. The national association organizes competitions in each country. In America, the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association plays a major role for the development of sport.

Hermann Maier is one of the great Olympians in skiing. He is a gold medal winner at the Olympics. He received gold medal in the Nagano Winter Summer Games, bronze and silver medals in the Turin Winter Summer Games of 2006.

The Greatest Skiers at the Olympic Games
Players NameRepresenting CountryGenderGold MedalSilver MedalBronze MedalTotal Medals
Bjorn DaehlieNorwayM84012
Alberto TombaItalyM3205
Hermann MaierAustria M2114
Julia MancusoUnited StatesF1214
Benjamin RaichAustria M2024
Jean-Claude KillyFranceM3003
Tommy MoeUnited StatesM1102
Lindsey VonnUnited StatesF1012
Picabo StreetUnited StatesF1102