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Famous Olympic Skaters

Skateboarders and skaters, from all over the world, have made skating a popular sport with their astonishing performances. Ice skating is the popular event that is also featured in the Summer Games, held in four years span. Skating is an event open for both men and women like several other sport events. The event is performed in both solo and duet categories.

Famous Skaters of the World

Anthony Frank Hawk, popularly known as Tony Hawk, is amongst the best skaters of international fame. Tony had a passion for the sport ever since his childhood. This famous skater is known for the invention of several skating tricks including McHawk, Stalefish and Madonna. He earned a lot of popularity for his trick that he displayed in the 1999 X Games, in which he took a 900o that is a two and a half rotation in air landing back on the pipe. After the 1999 X Games, Tony retired from the event but he continued his performances at various other skating arenas all over the world. Some of the other famous male skaters are John Rodney Mullen, Bruce Walker, Steve Rocco, Per Welinder and Shaun White.

Women Skaters of the World

Figure skating is one of the popular forms amongst women skaters. Introduced on the international platform in the year 1905, woman skating is one of the most popular attractions amongst the audience. Hosted during the Winter Olympic season, the event features solo performances of both men and women and in doubles. Some of the popular women skaters who have earned a lot of fame and international acclaim are Madge Syers, Sonja Henie, Barbara Ann Scott, Tenley Albright, Peggy Fleming and Dorothy Hamill.

The Greatest Speed Skaters at the Olympic Games
Players NameRepresenting CountryGenderGold MedalSilver MedalBronze MedalTotal Medals
Gillis Grafström Sweden (SWE)M3104
Evgeni Plushenko Russia (RUS)M2204
Sonja Henie Norway (NOR)F3003
Irina Rodnina[c] /Alexander Zaitsev Soviet Union (URS)F/M3003
Artur Dmitriev[d] /Natalia MishkutenokUnified Team (EUN) Russia (RUS)M/F2103
Andrée Brunet /Pierre Brunet France (FRA)F/M2013
Ludmila Belousova /Oleg Protopopov Soviet Union (URS)M/F2002
Dick Button United States (USA)M2002
Ekaterina Gordeeva /Sergei GrinkovSoviet Union (URS) Russia (RUS)F/M2002
Oksana Grishuk /Evgeny Platov Russia (RUS)F/M2002
Karl Schäfer Austria (AUT)M2002
Tatiana Volosozhar /Maxim Trankov Russia (RUS)F/M2002
Katarina Witt East Germany (GDR)F2002
Tessa Virtue / Scott Moir Canada (CAN)F/M1203
Meryl Davis / Charlie White United States (USA)F/M1113
Marina Klimova /Sergei PonomarenkoUnified Team (EUN) Soviet Union (URS)F/M1113
Tenley Albright United States (USA)F1102
Elena Berezhnaya /Anton Sikharulidze Russia (RUS)F/M1102
Sjoukje Dijkstra Netherlands (NED)F1102
Carol Heiss United States (USA)F1102
Ludowika Jakobsson/ Walter Jakobsson Finland (FIN)F/M1102
Kim Yuna South Korea (KOR)F1102
Shen Xue / Zhao Hongbo China (CHN)F/M1023
Jeannette Altwegg Great Britain (GBR)F1012
Marina Anissina /Gwendal Peizerat France (FRA)F/M1012
David Jenkins United States (USA)M1012
Viktor PetrenkoSoviet Union (URS) Unified Team (EUN)M1012
Beatrix Loughran[e] United States (USA)F0213
Willy Böckl Austria (AUT)M0202
Fritzi Burger Austria (AUT)F0202
Patrick Chan Canada (CAN)M0202
Marika Kilius / Hans-Jürgen Bäumler United Team of Germany (EUA)F/M0202
Brian Orser Canada (CAN)M0202
Elvis Stojko Canada (CAN)M0202
Phyllis Johnson[f] Great Britain (GBR)F0112
Nancy Kerrigan United States (USA)F0112
Michelle Kwan United States (USA)F0112
Irina Slutskaya Russia (RUS)F0112
Maya Usova /Alexander ZhulinUnified Team (EUN) Russia (RUS)F/M0112
Isabelle Brasseur /Lloyd Eisler Canada (CAN)F/M0022
Philippe Candeloro France (FRA)M0022
Manuela Groß / Uwe Kagelmann East Germany (GDR)F/M0022
Chen Lu China (CHN)F0022
Marianna Nagy /László Nagy Hungary (HUN)F/M0022
Patrick Péra France (FRA)M0022
Emília Rotter / László Szollás Hungary (HUN)F/M0022
Aliona Savchenko /Robin Szolkowy Germany (GER)F/M0022