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Famous Olympic Athletes

Athletics Olympic Players: Athletics is an important part of the Summer Games. This game of pace and strength is one of the most popular sports in the Olympic events. Athletics is in fact, one of the first sports to have been incorporated in the list of Summer Games.

A large number of Athletics players have participated in the Summer Games and put in their best efforts to win the race with their speed and strength. The players who have made it to the list of the winners have not only made their country proud but have also enhanced the influence of the Summer Games among the lovers of sports.

In this section of the Summer Games, both men and women take part. The Summer Games have witnessed great athletes winning with big margins and setting records. The tracks have witnessed tremendous battles among the players with photo finishes deciding the winners.

These athletes have to prove their mettle in the different sections of the athletics like the 60 meters race, the 100 meters, 200 meters, 400 meters, 800 and 1500 meters. Some of the otehr events which are part of Athletics are 5000 meters, 10000 meters, 5 miles, Marathon, 300 meters Steeplechase, 110 meters Hurdles, 200 and 400 meters Hurdles, High Jump, Pole Vault, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot, Discus, Hammer, Stone, Javelin, Pentathlon and Decathlon.

Some of the great athletes/players in the Olympics are:

  • Carl Lewis – A legend in his own right, Carl Lewis has won a total of 9 gold medals at the Olympics. His career spanned from 1984 to 1996, in which he won medals in 100m, 200m, 400m relay and long jump.
  • Edwin Corley Moses – One of the greatest athletes of the USA, he had won two gold medals at the 400m hurdles in the Olympics.
  • Sebastian Coe – An athlete from the UK, he has won two gold medals in the 1500 m race.
  • Bob Beamon – An American athlete has created a record in the long jump section and no body till date has been able to break his records.
  • Michael Johnson – The retired American Sprinter holds records in the 200 meters, 400 meters and 400 meters relay, which is a notable deed in itself. He had won 5 gold medals and holds the record of the fastest runner on the track whose speed could only be compared with that of a leopard.