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Hammer Throw for Women at Olympics

Hammer Throw for Women at Olympics: Hammer throw is a throwing event contested at the athletics competitions at international level. In the event, athletes throw a metal ball attached to a handle with a wire. The ball is usually made from steel. The handle is also called the "grip". In the ancient sport event, a real hammer was thrown during competitions. The hammer is thrown from a circular area. The area is generally called the "hammer cage". The angle, with which the ball is released and the velocity of the ball are the deciding factors in the event. The distance of the throw is measured for determining the winner of the event. The event has been contested by women since the first half of the twentieth century. However, the event became internationally recognized in the last decade.

Hammer Throw for Women in Summer Olympics: Hammer throw has been included in the women's athletics program during the 2000 Sydney Summer Games. The event is relatively new in the Olympic schedule. It has been included in the athletics program of the 2012 London Olympics.

Rules for Hammer Throw for Women at Olympics: There are some rules, which are followed during the international track and field athletics competitions. These rules are set by the International Association of Athletics Federations or IAAF. The rules vital for the hammer throw competitions are-

  • The IAAF has specified the weight of the steel ball used in the hammer throw event. Generally, the weight of the hammer is 4 kilogram.
  • The material and the length of the wire with which the ball is attached to the handle are specified by the IAAF.
  • Every athlete is given a certain number of chances to throw the hammer. The best throws of the athletes are recorded in order to determine the winner of the event.
  • The athletes have to follow the IAAF rules concerning the body movement during and after the throw.
  • Athletes are not permitted to leave the throwing area until the hammer thrown by her touches ground in the landing area. No competitor is allowed to exit the field without the judge's consent.
  • The second best throw is evaluated to break a tie between two athletes.
  • Medal Winners in the Hammer Throw for Women at Olympics: Tatyana Lysenko, Olga Kuzenkova, Kamila Skolimowska, Yipsi Moreno, Yunaika Crawford and Kirsten Klose are the athletes, who excelled in the field of hammer throwing event at the linternational level.

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