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5000 meter Event for Women at Olympics

5000 meter Event for Women at Olympics: The 5000 meter running event is also known as the "five-K" or the "5 kilometer" event. The athletes prefer to run the 5000 meter race during their early days on the track. Generally, the event is contested in the cross country or the road racing competitions. The event is called the five kilometer event when run off track. However, the event held at the Olympic competition is referred to be the 5000 meter event.

5000 meter Event for Women in Summer Olympics: The 5000 meter running event has been included to the women's athletics program at the 1996 Atlanta Summer Games. Since the 1996 Games, the 5000 meter event has become a regular part of the Olympic schedule.

Rules for 5000 meter Event for Women at Olympics: The rules, vital for the 5000 meter running event, are set by the International Association of Athletics Federations or IAAF. Some of the rules are-

  • The length of the running track used for the track events during the international competitions has been determined by the IAAF. The width of each lane is also specified by the IAAF.
  • According to the IAAF rules, the radius of the outside lane of the running track cannot be more than 50 meter in length.
  • The IAAF has approved an automatic timing device for measuring the time during the races. No other device can be used for measuring the time.
  • Preliminary heats are held among the participants, when the number of athletes in the event is more than twelve. The runners qualifying in the heats move forward to compete in the next round. Participation in the heats is compulsory.
  • An athlete is given a warning after the commencement of the first false start. After the second false start, she is disqualified from the competition.
  • During the race, no participant is permitted running inside the inner curve of the track, or even stepping on it.
  • Any athlete obstructing her competitors' way during the race is subject to punishment, even disqualification.
  • An athlete is not permitted to compete in the event after leaving the track during the race.
  • The athlete, who fails to make it to the finishing line, is not given any for credit for her performance in the event.

    Medal Winners in the 5000 meter Event for Women at Olympics: Some of the leading athletes in the domain of the 5000 meter running event for women are Meseret Defar, Gabriela Szabo, Wang Junxia, Isabella Ochichi, Sonia O'Sullivan, Pauline Konga, Tirunesh Dibaba, Gete Wami and Roberta Brunet.
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