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4x100 meter Relay for Women at Olympic

4x100 meter Relay for Women at Olympics: The 4x100 meter relay event is also referred to as the "sprint relay". The event is staged on the 400 meter running track. Generally four athletes team up to compete in the 4x100 meter relay. They carry a baton during the race. The baton has to be passed between the runners. The last runner of a relay team is usually the fastest.

4x100 meter Relay for Women in Summer Olympics: The 4x100 meter relay event was introduced to the women's athletics program at the 1928 Amsterdam Summer Games. After the 1928 Games, the event has been contested regularly at the Olympics.

Rules for 4x100 meter Relay for Women at Olympics: The International Association of Athletics Federations or IAAF has set rules for the track and field athletics events. The rules strictly followed during the 4x100 meter relay event at the international competitions, are-

  • The 4x100 meter relay event is held entirely on the lanes.

  • The track has to be properly marked at every 100 meter.

  • The area where the baton is passed to the next runner is known as the "take-over zone". The length of the take-over zone is specified to be 20 meter.

  • In the relay races, smooth and hollow wooden baton should be used. The size of baton has been specified by the IAAF.

  • The IAAF approved automatic timing device is only permitted to be used for measuring time during the race.

  • The relay team is allowed to have only two athletes as the substitutes after the starting of the race.

  • During the race, athletes are not allowed to leave or change their respective lanes.

  • The baton has to be passed from one athlete to the other within the specified area known as the take-over zone.

  • The athletes cannot wear gloves or use any substances to enhance their gripping power on the baton.

  • Obstructing others' way during the race is a punishable offence. The athlete found to get in the way of her co participants can be disqualified from the competition.

  • If an athlete leaves the track during the race, she is not permitted to enter the race again.

  • An athlete with two consecutive false starts is disqualified from the competition. Some times, only one false start can lead to a disqualification.

  • The athlete, who is unable to finish the race, is not given any credit for her performance in the event.

  • Medal Winners in the 4x100 meter Relay for Women at Olympics:

    Evelyn ASHFORDUSA300
    Marlies OELSNER-G�HRGDR210
    Carlette GUIDRY-WHITEUSA200
    Alice BROWNUSA200
    B�rbel ECKERT-W�CKELGDR200

    The countries, which have been in the leading position in the event are Canada, the United States of America, the Great Britain and Germany. The athletes who won medals in the 4x100 meter relay event are Veronica Campbell, Aleen Bailey, Sherone Simpson, Tayna Lawrence, Debbie Ferguson, Pauline Davis, Chandra Sturrup, Sevatheda Fynes, Gwen Torrence, Chryste Gaines, Inger Miller, Gail Devers, Carlette Guidry, Esther Jones, Florence Griffith-Joyner, Sheila Echols, Chandra Cheeseborough, Jeanette Bolden, Alice Brown, Marlies Gohr, Ingrid Auerswald, Barbel Wockel, Romy Muller, Carla Bodendorf, Renate Stecher, Heide Rosendahl, Annegret Richter, Christiane Krause, Wyomia Tyus, Mildrette Netter, Margaret Bailes, Barbara Ferrell, Wilma Rudolph, Lucinda Williams, Barbara Jones and Fanny Blankers-Koen.

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