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400 meter Sprint for Women at Olympics

400 meter Sprint for Women at Olympics: The 400 meter event is the longest among the sprint events. The length of the inside lane of a standard outdoor track is the same with the length of the race. The athletes competing in the event have to have super flexibility and good command over running technique.

400 meter Sprint for Women in Summer Olympics: The 400 meter sprint event was introduced to the women's athletics program at the 1964 Tokyo Summer Games. Since then, the event has become a regular part of the Olympic athletics schedule.

Rules for 400 meter Sprint for Women at Olympics: The rules followed during the 400 meter sprint event are set by the International Association of Athletics Federations or IAAF. Some of the rules are-

  • The IAAF has specified the length of the track. The width of each lane is also determined by the organization.
  • The IAAF has fixed the radius of the outside lane of the track at a maximum of 50 meter.
  • When the number of competitors is more than the capacity of a single race, preliminary heats are arranged. Every participant has to compete in the heats. The athletes have to qualify in the heat round to compete in the next round.
  • A sprinter is given a warning after the first false start she takes. If there is one more false start, the athlete has to leave the competition.
  • Running inside the inner curve of the track, or stepping on the inner line of the track is prohibited during the race.
  • An athlete once outside the track during the race is considered to be out of the competition. She cannot join the race again.
  • The running records made on the track made of the substance enduring the running spikes are only considered to be legal.
  • The athlete, who fails to reach the finishing line, is not given any credit, even if she runs with a greater speed than the winner.
  • The time of the event is measured using a standard automatic timing device.

    Medal Winners in the 400 meter Sprint for Women at Olympics:

    PEREC Marie-Jose    
    Marie-Jose PERECFRA200
    Christine OHURUOGUGBR110
    Cathy FREEMANAUS110

    Betty Cuthbert, Colette Besson, Monika Zehrt, Irena Szewinska, Marita Koch, Valerie Brisco-Hooks, Olga Bryzgina, Marie-Jose Perec, Cathy Freeman, Tonique Williams-Darling, Ann Packer, Lillian Board, Rita Wilden, Christina Brehmer, Jarmila Kratochvilova, Chandra Cheeseborough, Petra Schersing, Lorraine Fenton, Ana Guevara and Sanya Richards are some of the leading athletes in the domain of the 400 meter sprint event.

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