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Women 400-meter hurdle at Olympics

400 meter Hurdle for Women at Olympics: The 400 meter hurdle is a long hurdling event. The 400 meter hurdle event was held at the Summer Games for the first time. Later, the event was contested at the World Championships. In the event the distance between two consecutive hurdles is 35 meter. The height of each hurdle is 76.0 centimeter. The 400 meter hurdle event is also known as the intermediate hurdle event. Women first competed in the event in 1971.

400 meter Hurdle for Women in Summer Olympics: The 400 meter hurdle was introduced to the women's athletics program at the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Games. The event has been a regular part of the Olympic schedule after its inclusion in the 1984 Games.

Rules for 400 meter Hurdle for Women at Olympics: The International Association of Athletics Federations or IAAF is authorized to set rules for track and field athletics at the international stage. The rules vital for the 400 meter hurdle events at the international competitions are -

  • The hurdles should be made of metal and wood should be used to make the top bar of the hurdle.
  • The length, width and weight of each hurdle are specified by the IAAF.
  • The top bar of each hurdle is painted white and black in color.
  • The structure of the hurdles should be such that they could be adjusted in different height for different events.
  • The timing device used to measure the time of the race has to be approved by the IAAF.
  • It is not permitted to Runners to leave or change their respective lanes during the race.
  • An athlete stepping out of the track during the race is not allowed to join the race again.
  • Knocking down the hurdles on the way to the finishing line is not an offence, as long as it is not done intentionally.
  • Obstructing competitors' way during the race is a punishable offence. The athlete committing the offence is disqualified by the referee
  • The athlete, who is unable to make it to the finishing line, is not given any credit for his performance.
Medal Winners in the 400 meter Hurdle for Women at Olympics: Fani Halkia, Irina Privalova, Deon Hemmings, Sally Gunnell, Debbie Flintoff-King, Nawal El Moutawakel, Ionela Tirlea-Manolache, Kim Batten, Sandra Farmer-Patrick, Tatyana Ledovskaya, Judi Brown, Tetiana Tereschuk-Antipova, Nezha Bidouane, Tonja Buford-Bailey, Janeene Vickers, Ellen Fiedler, Cristeana Cojocaru and Daimi Pernia are some of the leading figures in the domain of the 400 meter hurdle race.
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