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Two Handed Shot Put at Olympics

Two handed shot put at Olympics was a track and field championship. This event required throwing of shot, a heavy metal ball, as far as possible. Shot put implies the metal ball, as well as the motion with which it is thrown. Two handed shot put had been a part of Summer Olympics roster only in the year 1912.

Two handed shot put required the participants to throw the ball with both the hands. The participants received 3 turns for each hand to throw the ball. The sum of the best distance with each hand decided the winner. The finalists were given 3 more turns to put the shot with each hand.

A total of seven athletes participated at the two handed shot put at Olympics. They were Elmer Niklander, Ralph Rose, Patrick McDonald, Einar Nilsson, Paavo Aho, Lawarence Whitney and Migirdic Migiryan. Rose of USA, with a total distance of 27.70 meters, won the gold medal in the event. American Patrick McDonald acquired the silver medal with a combined distance of 27.53 meter. Elmer Niklander of Finland won the bronze medal.

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