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Two Handed Javelin Throw at Olympics

Two handed javelin throw at Olympics is an athletic event that was introduced in the Summer Olympics of 1912 in Stockholm (Sweden). This track and field championship was, in fact, introduced along with two handed shot put and two handed discus throw. It was the only time this event was held at the Olympics.

Two handed javelin throw required the throwing of javelin 3 times by each hand. The total of the best throw by each hand decided the winner. Like the finalists of two handed shot put, two handed javelin throw finalists also received 3 turns each (by each hand) in the deciding round.

The participants of two handed javelin throw at Olympics were:

  • Vaino Siikaniemi
  • Urho Peltonen
  • Juho Saaristo
  • Mor Koczan
  • Sten Hagander
  • Karl Sonne
  • Arvid Ohrling
  • Anders Krigsman
  • Arne Halse
  • Daniel Johansen
  • Eric Lemming
  • Otto Nilsson
  • Johan Halme
  • Richared Abrink

    Juho Saaristo won the gold medal at 1912 Summer Olympics. The best mark made by him was 109.42m. Vaino Siikaniemi stood second and won the silver medal. The third position was taken over by Urho Peltonen, who won a bronze medal. All the winners of the two handed javelin throw were from Finland.

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