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Triple Jump for Men at Olympics

Triple Jump for Men at Olympics: The triple jump was formerly known as the "hop, step and jump". Three actions are taken by the athletes during the triple jump competition. The first action taken is "hop", a jump which is landed with the takeoff foot. Next is the "step", which is landed on the opposite foot. The last action taken by the athletes is the "jump". Like long jump, here also the final jump is landed in a pit full of sand.

The triple jump event is much demanding on the part of the athletes. Great pace, swiftness, strength and flexibility are the key factors for success in the event. Techniques adapted by the athlete can also lead him to be the winner in the event.

Triple Jump for Men in Summer Olympics: The triple jump was included in the Olympic schedule at the 1896 Athens Summer Games. In the 1896 Games, the triple jump program included two hops and one jump. At present, the event at the Olympics consists of one hop, one step and one jump. After the first modern Olympics, triple jump has become a regular event in the Summer Games.

Rules for Triple Jump for Men at Olympics: The International Association of Athletics Federations or IAAF has set rules for the track and field athletics events at the international level. The rules applicable to the triple jump competitions are -

  • A hop, a step and a jump has to be included in the triple jump program.
  • An athlete is not permitted to touch the ground between the take-off line and the landing area. If he does so, he is disqualified from the competition.
  • The IAAF has determined the distance between the take-off line and the end of the landing area to be minimum 21 meter.
  • The IAAF has the authority to determine over the design and the material of the take-off board used in the event.
  • The pit, where the final jump is landed has to be filled with soft damp sand.
  • Medal Winners in the Triple Jump for Men at Olympics: Many athletes have excelled in the domain of international triple jump competition. Some of the famous triple jumpers of all time are Yoelbi Quesada, Charles Simpkins, Mike Conley, Joao Carlos de Oliveira, Vladimir Inozemtsev, James Beckford, Hristo Markov, Willie Banks, Kenny Harrison, Jonathan Edwards, Christian Olsson, Al Joyner, Jaak Uudmae, Viktor Saneyev, Józef Szmidt, Adhemar da Silva, Arne Ahman, Naoto Tajima, Chuhei Nambu, Mikio Oda, Nick Winter, Vilho Tuulos, Gustaf Lindblom, Tim Ahearne, Peter O'Connor, Myer Prinstein and James Connolly.
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