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Track Events at Olympics

The track events at Olympics have always been the major attractions at the Olympics. A very important part of the Olympic athletics Program, the track events draw huge spectators at the Games. The century-old history of modern Olympics has witnessed the addition and omission of numerous track events, over the years.

Premium Events of the Present Days

Many IAAF approved track events are staged in the Summer Games. Most of these events are held separately for both men and women. Few are exclusively dedicated to the male athletes and some are for the women only. Some of these exciting events are:

  • 100 meter sprint for men
  • 100 meter sprint for women
  • 200 meter sprint for men
  • 200 meter sprint for women
  • 4 x100 meter relay event for men

  • 4 x100 meter relay event for women
  • 4 x400 meter relay event for men
  • 4 x400 meter relay event for women
  • 400 meter sprint for men
  • 400 meter sprint for women
  • 800 meter event for men
  • 800 meter event for women
  • 1500 meter event for men
  • 1500 meter event for women
  • 5000 meter event for men
  • 5000 meter event for women
  • 10000 meter event for men
  • 10000 meter event for women
  • Marathon for women
  • Women 80-meter hurdle
  • Women 100-meter hurdle
  • Women 400-meter hurdle
  • Women 3000-meter steeplechase
  • 110 meter hurdle for men
  • 400 meter hurdle for men
  • 3000 meter steeplechase for men
  • The 100-meter sprint is among the most popular events in athletics. The 100 meter sprint winners in the Olympics have always enjoyed hero-worship and fan following. Athletes like Jesse Owens, Carl Lewis, Florence Griffith Joyner, Leroy Burel, Alice Brown, Maurice Green and others have won medals in this event to become famous worldwide. Another event on the track, which creates a great amount of enthusiasm and excitement among the sports lovers, is the 4x100 meters relay races. Among the on-track long distance races, the 3000-meter steeplechase event is a real visual wonder, as the competitors have to overcome different kind of obstacles on their way to the finishing line.

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