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Team Cross Country at Olympics

The Team Cross Country event was introduced at the 1912 Summer Olympics, held in Stockholm, Sweden. The fantastic event was once again included in the 1920 Summer Games, staged in Antwerp, Belgium.

The First Time

The Men's Team Cross Country at Olympics was presented at the stage of the greatest sporting event of the universe in 1912. Ten countries took part in the event at the Stockholm Olympics. The points were calculated by adding the race positions of the team members. The team with the lowest score was declared the winner. The Swedish team, with a total of 10 points, claimed the gold medal, followed by Finland and Great Britain.

The Return of the Event

The Team Cross Country at Olympics was absent from the 1916 Olympics track and field event but was re-introduced again in 1920 at Antwerp. This time, the Finnish team clinched the top spot. The silver medal went to Great Britain while Sweden won the Bronze.

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