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2500 meter Steeplechase Event at Olympics

2500 meter Steeplechase Event at Olympics: The steeplechase event resembles to the hurdling event. Steeplechase is an obstacle race like the hurdle events. The event was originated in the British islands from the popular category of horse racing, the steeplechase. The event included into the modern athletics is the changed version of the cross country steeplechase race which was two mile long.

The 2500 meter steeplechase event has become obsolete at the present time. The event was a part of the track and field competitions in the earlier days. Excellent speed and sound technique are the key factors for success in the 2500 meter steeplechase event. In the event, the athletes have to overcome a certain number of barriers set across the track during the race.

2500 meter Steeplechase Event in Summer Olympics: The 2500 meter steeplechase event was contested only once at the 1900 Paris Summer Games. The event was included in the men's athletics program in the Olympics.

Rules for 2500 meter Steeplechase Event at Olympics: The rules vital for the 2500 meter steeplechase event at the Summer Games were-

  • In each lap of the steeplechase race, a certain number of jumps should be taken by the athlete. One of the jumps would be water jump.
  • The Steeplechases should be adjustable in different events.
  • The length of the water pit is determined by the organizing committee.
  • The athletes have to go through the water jump. No athlete is allowed to jump on one side of the water pit. However, the athletes are permitted to go over the barriers in any possible way.
  • An athlete, who steps out of the track during the race, is considered to be out of competition.
  • Obstructing competitors' way during the race will be considered to be a punishable offence. The athlete found guilty would be disqualified.
  • The timing device, which is used for measuring the time of the race, has to be approved by the organizing committee.
  • Medal Winners in the 2500 meter Steeplechase Event at Olympics: George Orton, Sidney Robinson and Jacques Chastanie are the athletes who won medals in the Olympic 2500 meter steeplechase competition at the 1900 Paris Summer Games.

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