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Standing Long Jump at Olympics

The standing long jump at Olympics was a popular game that featured in the Olympics till 1912. With the rapid rise of indoor sports arenas, the standing long jump vanished from the Olympics. Today, the game is only organized as a national championship event in Norway. Norway has been hosting the event annually since 1995. The Norwegian Championships holds competitions for standing long jump and high jump at Stange in Norway.

The standing long jumper at Olympics stands on a line with split legs and jumps forward landing on both feet. The participant swings his arms and bends his knees to push his body forward for a larger leap. The participant is given three chances of which the longest distance covered in three of the leaps is measured as his jump distance. On falling back or taking a single step forward before jumping, the participant has to repeat his jump.

The standing long jump at Olympics is one of the events at the NFL combine and a compulsory physical fitness test at the Royal Military College of Canada.

Amongst the eminent Olympians of the event were Ray Ewry, Irving Baxter, Emile Torcheboeuf, Konstantinos Tsiklitiras, Charles King, Martin Sheridan, John Biller, Lawson Robertson and Benjamin Adams. Ewry had won the gold medal on four occasions. He also holds the Olympic record for the longest jump, which is 11.4 feet.

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