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60 meter Sprint Event at Olympics

60 meter Sprint Event at Olympics: The 60 meter sprint event is normally contested on the indoor track during track ad field athletics competitions. The length of the track, where the contest is staged is only 200 meter. The time taken by the athletes to run 60 meter varies from six to seven seconds. The runners in the 100 meter sprint on the outdoor track event have been dominating the event. Both men and women contest in the 60 meter sprint event. However, the event is rarely contested on an outdoor track.

The athletes competing in the 60 meter sprint event have to be reflexive in order to get the quick start during the competition. The quick start and great speed are the important factors to the success in the event. The 60 meter sprint is also practiced as a part of the training programs in other major sports.

60 meter Sprint Event in Summer Olympics The 60 meter sprint event was included in the men's track and field athletics program only twice. The event was contested at the 1900 Paris Summer Games and the 1904 St. Louis Olympics. The event was never contested by the women athletes during the Summer Games.

Rules for 60 meter Sprint Event at Olympics: The rules applicable for the 60 meter sprint event at the Summer Games were-

  • The length of the track and the width of each lane are predetermined by the authority.
  • Athletes qualifying in the preliminary heat rounds are allowed to compete in the next round of the competition.
  • Any sprinter with two consecutive false starts will be disqualified.
  • The records made by the athletes will be recognized only if they are made on the track made of a substance where runners can run with spiked shoes.
  • The athlete has to finish the race to be liable for any credit for his performance.
  • The automatic timing device used for measuring the time in the event has to be approved by the organizing committee.
  • No athlete is permitted to run inside the inner curve of the track or to step on it during the race.
  • Medal Winners in the 60 meter Sprint Event at Olympics: Archie Hahn and Alvin Kraenzlein are the two athletes who won gold medals in the Olympic 60 meter sprint event competition. The other athletes dominating the domain of the 60 meter sprint event are Marcus Brunson, Jon Drummond, Ronald Pognon, Justin Gatlin, Terrence Trammell, Leonard Myles-Mills, Bruny Surin, Ben Johnson, Tim Harden, Andre Cason and Maurice Greene.

    Philomena Mensah, Chioma Ajunwa, Christy Opara-Thompson, Gwen Torrence, Sevatheda Fynes, Lauryn Williams, Melisa Barber, Nelli Cooman, Ekaterini Thanou, Merlene Ottey, Marion Jones, Gail Devers and Irina Privalova are the women athletes who are the leading figures in the 60 meter sprint event.

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