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Shot Put for Men at Olympics

Shot Put for Men at Olympics: The shot put is a throwing event included in the field athletics events. There is a heavy metal ball used in the shot put event, which is known as the "shot". The event involves the action of throwing the ball at a distance. The shot put event was invented at Scotland. A game called the "stone put" was very popular among the Scottish. In the game, a rounded cube made of metal or stone was thrown from a particular place. In the present event, during the competitions, the athletes have to shot the ball from a circle with the diameter of 7 feet. The distance of the throw is measured from the inside of the circle's boundary to the point of landing of the ball.

Shot Put for Men in Summer Olympics: The shot put was included in the Olympic program at the 1896 Athens Summer Games. After the 1896 Games, the event has been contested regularly at every Summer Games.

Rules for Shot Put for Men at Olympics: There are some rules set by the International Association of Athletics Federations or IAAF for the track and field events which are followed at all international competitions. The rules vital for the shot put event are-

  • At the elite level of international competition, an athlete is generally given six chances of throwing the ball.
  • The weight of the ball used in the shot put event is determined by the IAAF.
  • At the time of throwing the ball, an athlete has to hold the ball tightly between his neck and shoulder.
  • The movements of the athlete during and after the throw are also determined by the IAAF rules.
  • An athlete is allowed to wear a bandage at the wrist for protection.
  • If an athlete fails to leave the rear half of the circle at the time of throwing the ball, his throw is considered to be a "foul throw".
  • An athlete steeping out of the circle before the mark is announced by the judge is liable for disqualification.
  • An athlete is not allowed to shot the ball outside the left or right border of the landing sector.
  • Medal Winners in the Shot Put for Men at Olympics: The athletes from the United States of America have been dominating the shot put event since its advent. The famous athletes in the event are Yuriy Bilonoh, Christian Cantwell, Arsi Harju, Adam Nelson, John Brenner, Randy Barnes, Mike Stulce, Werner Gunthor, Ulf Timmermann, Alessandro Andrei, Vladimir Kiselyov, Udo Beyer, Wladyslaw Komar, Randy Matson, Dallas Long, Bill Nieder, Parry O'Brien, Wilbur Thompson, Hans Woellke, Brian Oldfield, Leo Sexton, John Kuck, Clarence Houser, Ville Porhola, Patrick McDonald, Ralph Rose, Martin Sheridan, Richard Sheldon, Kevin Toth and Robert Garrett.

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