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Road Events at Olympics

Road Events at Olympics are one of the attractions in the Summer Games. The road events in Olympics constitute of various events including marathon, walking 50 and 20 kilometers. Players have created records on road by giving astounding performances and close finishes beating their fellow contestants. The players need to qualify before being eligible to take part in the road events in Olympics, except marathon.

The Road Events at Olympics are:

  • Marathon - The participants have to run for 26 miles in this road event. It was officially introduced in the Summer Games in 1896. Both men and women receive an equal chance to participate in the road events.
  • 20 Kilometers Walking Event - This event is again for both men and women. This requires both the men and the women walkers to walk fast but they cannot run. However, the walkers have to maintain a good speed while walking.
  • 50 Kilometers Walking Event- This race is also referred to as speed walking. The rules are the same as the 20 kilometers walking.
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