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Obsolete Track and Field Athletic Events at Olympics

There are certain obsolete track and field athletic events in the history of Summer Games. Among the various events conducted in the Olympics some of the games no more a part of the biggest celebration of sports. Games like triathlon, pentathlon, standing broad jump, standing triple jump, standing long jump, two handed shot put, freestyle javeline, Greek discus, individual cross country, team cross country and 2590 meters steeplechase do not feature in the list of Summer Games anymore.

These games were very taxing for the players since they entailed lot of energy, time and skill. Some games, like the 2590 meters steeplechase, were increasingly becoming difficult to participate and hence have become obsolete. With the improvement of the technical aspect of the Games, certain events have lost their popularity and appeal and hence have become extinct, existing only in the record books. Players have created records in these outdated games too.

The events which are not able to maintain pace with time have been enlisted in the category of Obsolete Track and Field Athletic Events in the Summer Games.

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Obsolete Track and Field athletic events