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200 meter Sprint for Men at Olympics

200 meter Sprint for Men at Olympics: The 200 meter sprint event is not as popular as the 100 meter sprint event. The event has some resemblance with the ancient Olympic event, "stadion", which measured almost 200 meters. The race is held

on both the outdoor and indoor tracks. On the outdoor track with 400 meter length, the race is started from the curve. The event ends on the home straight. The 200 meter sprint event not only needs extreme speed on the parts of the sprinters, but the event also demands excellent conditioning and flexibility of the sprinters. While run on the indoor track, the race is run as one lap of the track. The time taken by the athletes to complete the indoor event is a little more than the time taken on the outdoor track.

200 meter Sprint for Men in Summer Olympics: The 200 meter sprint event is much similar to the stadion event, which was contested in the ancient Summer Games. In the schedule of the modern Olympics, the 200 meter sprint event was introduced at the 1900 Paris Summer Games. In the 1904 St. Louis Summer Games, the 200 meter race was run on a straight track. The event was excluded from the program in the 1906 Summer Games. after the 1906 Games, the event has been held in every Summer Games.

Rules for 200 meter Sprint for Men at Olympics: There are some rules set by the International Association of Athletics Federations or IAAF for the track and field athletic events. The rules are also vital for the 200 meter sprint event in the international competition. Some of the rules are as follows-

  • The track used for the 200 meter sprint event has to be made of such a substance which allows runners to run with spiked shoes.
  • The IAAF has fixed the length of the track and the width of each lane.
  • The maximum radius of the outside lane of the track can be measured 50 meter.
  • Athletes are not permitted to run inside the inner curve of the track. They are also not allowed to step on the inner line of the track.
  • a standard automatic stop watch has to be used for measuring time in the sprint event.
  • The athlete, who is unable to complete the race, is not given any credit for his or her achievement.
  • The winners or the top sprinters of the preliminary heat round will qualify for the next round.
  • Any sprinter with two consecutive false starts will be disqualified.

Medal Winners in the 200 meter Sprint for Men at Olympics:

Usain BOLTJAM200

The American athletes have been dominating the 200 meter sprint event in the international competitions. Shawn Crawford, Michael Johnson, Konstantinos Kenteris, Carl Lewis, Michael Marsh, Pietro Mennea, Jesse Owens, Tommie Smith, Frank Fredericks, Tyson Gay, Xavier Carter, Wallace Spearmon, Joe DeLoach, Ato Boldon, Don Quarrie, Henry Carr, Bobby Joe Morrow, Andy Stanfield, Eddie Tolan, Percy Williams, John Tewksbury, Bobby Kerr, Ralph Craig, Allen Woodring and Jackson Scholz are some famous sprinters of all time who won titles in the 200 meter sprint event.

Trivia: In the 1968 Mexico City Summer Games, American athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos Raised their fists in a Black Power salute after winning medals in the 200 meter sprint event. The two athletes were instantly suspended from the games. Not only that, they were also expelled from the country.

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