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20 Kilometer Walk for Men at Olympics

20 kilometer Walk for Men at Olympics: The race walking event is different from the running event. Race walking is also known as "speed walking", because of the great speed achieved by the athletes during the event. In the walking events, the athletes remain much closer to the ground. The movement of body and various muscles during the race walks is much different than the running events. There are judges to monitor the athletes during the race. The 20 kilometer walk for men is a sport event held in the summer Olympics. Race walking demands much more stamina than the running events as it involves extensive movement of the arm muscles. The impact of the race walking is also less than the running event.

20 kilometer Walk for Men in Summer Olympics: The 20 kilometer walk for men had been included in the Olympic program at the 1956 Melbourne Summer Games. Since then, the event has been contested regularly at the Summer Games.

Rules for 20 kilometer Walk for Men at Olympics: There are rules set by the International Association of Athletics Federations or IAAF for the track and field events. The rules vital for the 20 kilometer walk for men at the international level are-

  • During the race walk, the athletes cannot loss contact with the ground. The advancing leg has to remain straight. A bending leg is considered as a violation of the IAAF rules for the event.
  • Minimum six judges should be involved in a race walk.
  • An athlete is warned by the judges if he commences any offence. However, the same judge is not allowed to warn an athlete twice. Warning is given by showing a yellow paddle to the athlete.
  • An athlete found to loss contact with the ground or bending his knees is shown a red card by the judge. A judge generally sends the red card to the chief judge.
  • When any athlete is given three red cards by three different judges, he is disqualified from the competition.
  • An athlete competing in the 20 kilometer walk event has to leave the course if ordered by an official medical staff.
  • Taking refreshment at places other than the specified refreshment station is a violation of rules. If found, an athlete is at once disqualified from the competition.
  • During the 20 kilometer walk event, leaving the course is allowed only if a prior permission has been taken by the athlete. While out of the course, the athlete has to be under strict supervision of the judge.
  • Medal Winners in the 20 kilometer Walk for Men: Many athletes have become popular in the domain of the 20 kilometer walk event. Some of the famous athletes, who have won medals in the event, are Lingtang Bo, Alejandro Lopez, Zhide Cui, Roman Rasskazov, Julio Rene Martinez, Hongjun Zhu, Nathan Deakes, Vladimir Stankin, Francisco Javier Fernandez, Jefferson Perez, Ivano Brugnetti, Robert Korzeniowski, Daniel Plaza, Jozef Pribilinec, Ernesto Canto, Maurizio Damilano, Daniel Bautista, Peter Frenkel, Vladimir Golubnichy, Ken Matthews and Leonid Spirin.

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