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1500 meter Event for Men at Olympics

1500 meter Event for Men at Olympics: The 1500 meter event is also known as "the metric mile". The length covered in three and three-quarter laps around the 400 meter track equals to the length of 1500 meter. The race is considered to be

the main among the middle distance running event. The 1500 meter event is a very hard race, as it needs both speed and stamina to win the event. The athletes competing in the event face extreme mental challenge. Without proper conditioning and strategies, one cannot win the event. In the modern days, the 1500 meter event has transformed into an extended sprint, where each lap has to be run under 55 seconds in order to win the event. So speed has become the prime factor in the 1500 meter races. Often, the winner of the event is decided in the few meters before the finishing line.

1500 meter Event for Men in Summer Olympics: The 1500 meter event was included in the Olympic middle distance running program in the 1896 Athens Summer Games. Since then, the 1500 meter race has been a regular event in the Summer Games.

Rules for 1500 meter Event for Men at Olympics: The International Association of Athletics Federations or IAAF has set some rules for the track and field athletics. The rules are strictly followed in the 1500 meter running competitions in all international meets. Some of the rules are as follows-

  • The IAAF has specified the length of the running track used for the track events during the international competitions. The width of the lanes on the track is also fixed by the organization.
  • The radius of the outside lane of the running track has been fixed by the IAAF to maximum 50 meter.
  • Running inside the inner curve of the track, or to step on the inner line of the track is strictly prohibited in the international competitions.
  • Preliminary heats are held among the participants for the selection of the athletes in the next round. Participation in the heats is mandatory for all athletics.
  • Any athlete with two false starts in the race is disqualified from the event.
  • If any athlete obstructs his competitors' way on the track during the race, he is liable for punishment.
  • An athlete stepping outside the track during the race is considered to be out of the competition.
  • The athlete is not given any credit until he finishes the race.
  • The time of the races is measured by an automatic timing device approved by the IAAF.

Medal Winners in the 1500 meter Event for Men: The 1500 meter event was dominated by the British runners during the 1980s. In the 1990s, the African runners burst into the scene with winners from Kenya, Morocco and Algeria. Some leading athletes in the 1500 meter event are Said Aouita, Fermin Cacho, Sebastian Coe, Steve Cram, Herb Elliott, Hicham El Guerrouj, Bernard Lagat, John Landy, Noureddine Morceli, Steve Ovett, Jim Ryun, Peter Snell, John Walker, Noah Ngeny, Mehdi Baala, Vénuste Niyongabo, Daniel Komen, John Walker, Paavo Nurmi, Jim Lightbody and Henry Eriksson.

Trivia: The British athlete Philip Noel-Baker won silver medal in the 1500 meter event in the 1920 Antwerp Summer Games. He was the only Olympian, who was awarded with the Noble Peace Prize.

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