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10000 meter Event for Men at Olympics

10000 meter Event for Men at Olympics: The 10000 meter event is the longest among the long distance events competed on the running track. The athletes participating in the event are often excellent in cross country racing and road racing.

Like any other long distance events, the 10000 meter event also tests the athletes' endurance. The runners have to undergo strenuous training session to gain the strength and stamina required for the race.

10000 meter Event for Men in Summer Olympics: The 10000 meter event was included in the Olympics schedule at the 1912 Stockholm Summer Games. Since the 1912 Games, the event has been held at every Summer Games. The athletes from Finland and the African countries have been the leading figures in the 10000 meter event.

Rules for 10000 meter Event for Men: The International Association of Athletics Federations or IAAF has set various rules for the track and field athletic events. The rules relevant for the 10000 meter running event at all the major international competitions are-

  • The length of the running track and the width of each lane on the track have been fixed by the IAAF.
  • The IAAF has determined that the radius of the outside lane of the running track has to be within 50 meter of length.
  • When the number of athletes in the event is more than twelve, preliminary heats are held among the participants. The runners have to qualify in the heats to compete in the next round. All the participants are bound to compete in the heats.
  • Running inside the inner curve of the track, or stepping on the inner line of the track during the race is not allowed in the international competitions.
  • An athlete is disqualified from the competition after the commencement of two false starts.
  • An athlete cannot obstruct his competitors' way during the race. If someone is found committing the offence, he is liable for disqualification. The race may also be re-run excluding the disqualified athlete.
  • If an athlete steps out of the track during the race, he is not allowed to join his competitors.
  • The athlete is not given any for credit for his performance, if he cannot finish the race.
  • Only the IAAF approved automatic timing device can be used for measuring the time during the races.

Medal Winners in the 10000 meter Event for Men: The athletes from Finland and the African countries have been dominating the international competitions at the 10000 meter event. Some of the athletes who have excelled in the event are Hannes Kolehmainen, Paavo Nurmi, Ville Ritola, Janusz Kusocinski, Ilmari Salminen, Emil Zatopek, Vladimir Kuts, Pyotr Bolotnikov, Billy Mills, Naftali Temu, Lasse Viren, Miruts Yifter, Alberto Cova, Brahim Boutayeb, Khalid Skah, Haile Gebrselassie and Kenenisa Bekele.

Trivia: Pavo Nurmi of Finland was the only athlete who won the 10000 meter event in a gap of eight years. He won the Olympic 10000 meter titles in the 1920 Olympics and the 1928 Summer Games.

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