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Long Jump for Men at Olympics

Long Jump for Men at Olympics: Long jump is also known as "broad jump". The aim of long jumper is to land as far as possible from the take off point. The distance covered by the jumper is referred to as the "mark". The athletes generally land in a pit full of sand or ground gravel.

Long jump was actually a sport event included in the ancient Summer Summer Games. In those days, the athletes used to carry a weight in each hand. The weights were used for giving the athlete an extra lift during the jump. The total action in the long jump can be divided in four parts-the approach run, the last two strides, take off and the movement in air and landing. The event is a combination of speed, power and swiftness. As speed is a key factor of success in the long jump competitions, sprinters often excel in the event. Generally, the long jump competitions are held in two rounds, the trial rounds and the final round.

Long Jump for Men in Summer Olympics: The long jump was contested at the ancient Summer Games. In the era of the modern Olympics, the event was included in the Olympic schedule since the 1896 Athens Summer Games.

Rules for Long Jump for Men at Olympics: The rules for the track and field athletics events are set by the International Association of Athletics Federations or IAAF. The rules which are followed at the international long jump competitions, are-

  • An athlete is disqualified from the competition, if he touches the ground outside the take-off line and before the landing area.
  • All jumps taken in the long jump event are measured from the break in the landing area which is nearest to the take-off line.
  • The distance between the take-off line and the end of the landing area has been determined by the IAAF. The distance should be minimum 10 meter.
  • The design and the material of the take-off board has been determined by the IAAF.
  • The width of the landing area varies between 2.75 meter and 3 meter.
  • The landing area should be filled with soft damp sand.
  • Medal Winners in the Long Jump for Men: The United States of America has been the leading figure in the domain of the long jump. The athletes who have excelled in the long jump event are Dwight Phillips, James Beckford, Kareem Streete-Thompson, Ivan Pedroso, Erick Walder, Larry Myricks, Robert Emmiyan, Carl Lewis, Bob Beamon, Mike Powell, Lutz Dombrowski, Arnie Robinson, Randy Williams, Lynn Davies, Ralph Boston, Greg Bell, Jerome Biffle, Willie Steele, Jesse Owens, Ed Gordon, Ed Hamm, William DeHart Hubbard, William Pettersson, Albert Gutterson, Frank Irons, Myer Prinstein, Alvin Kraenzlein and Ellery Clark .

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