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Javelin Throw for Men at Olympics

Javelin Throw for Men at Olympics: The javelin throw is a field athletic event. In the event, a spear-like object is thrown at a distance from the throwing circle. This object is known as "javelin". The javelin is generally made from metal, fiberglass or carbon fiber. The javelin throw event was also held in the ancient time. This was also used as a weapon during war and hunting. Currently, javelin throwing is practiced only as a sport event. The event demands good speed as well as flexibility and power on the part of the athletes competing. The athletes gain speed in the run-up to their throws. After release, the javelin can gain speed of almost 113 kilometer per hour. The javelin throwing event is often excluded from the athletics program during competitions as the event involves certain amount of risk.

Javelin Throw for Men in Summer Olympics: The men's javelin throwing event was included in the Olympic schedule at the 1908 London Summer Games. The event was also contested at the ancient Summer Games. At that time, the javelin was thrown at a fixed target. The javelin throw event has become a regular part of the modern Olympic program since the 1908 Games.

Rules for Javelin Throw for Men at Olympics: The International Association of Athletics Federations or IAAF has set the rules which are followed in the track and field athletics competitions at international level. The rules vital for the javelin throw competitions are-

  • The IAAF determines the weight and the length of the javelin used in the javelin throw event.
  • An athlete is given three to six chances to throw the javelin during the competition.
  • The best throw of the athletes are measured to determine the winner of the event.
  • The point of the javelin has to touch the ground first for a legal throw.
  • No athlete can exit the run-up area until the javelin thrown by him touches the ground. An athlete is also not allowed to leave the competition area without judge's permission.
  • The IAAF has specified the body movement of the athletes during and after the throw.
  • To break a tie at the first position, the second best throw is considered as the determining factor.

    Medal Winners in the Javelin Throw for Men: Many athletes have become famous for their achievements in the javelin throwing competition. some of the leading javelin thrower of all time are Jan Zelezny, Eric Lemming, Vadims Vasilevskis, Andrus Varnik, Andreas Thorkildsen, Seppo Raty, Tapio Rautavaara, Tero Pitkamaki, Tom Petranoff, Aki Parviainen, Miklos Nemeth, Jonni Myyra, Sergey Makarov, Janis Lusis, Gergely Kulcsar, Dainis Kula, Tapio Korjus, Matti Jarvinen, Arto Harkonen, Uwe Hohn, Breaux Greer, Egil Danielsen, Steve Backley, Boris Henry, Konstadinos Gatsioudis and Raymond Hecht.

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