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High Jump for Men at Olympics

High Jump for Men at Olympics: High jump is a field event included in the track and field athletics discipline. The aim of the athletes competing in high jump event is to jump over a horizontal bar without using any other device. The horizontal

bar is generally set at a predetermined height. Since the early days of the event, athletes have been improving the jumping technique again and again. In the event, athletes have to possess good flexibility and speed.

High Jump for Men in Summer Olympics: High jump was an event competed at the ancient Summer Games. The event was included in the modern Olympic schedule at the 1896 Games. Since then, high jump has been contested at every Summer Olympics.

Rules for High Jump for Men at Olympics: The rules followed in all international track and field athletics competitions are set by the International Association of Athletics Federations or IAAF. The rules vital for high jump at the international level are-

  • An athlete is disqualified from the competition if he misses in all the three attempts allowed to clear any height.
  • The height, with which the jump has to be started, is determined by the organizing committee of the competition who are authorized by the IAAF.
  • At every stage the horizontal bar has to be raised at a minimum height of 2 centimeter.
  • The measurements of the jumps taken by the athletes should be taken perpendicularly from the ground.
  • The weight of the crossbar used during the high jump competition is determined by the IAAF. Generally the bar is made of fibre-glass.
  • An athlete is liable to be disqualified if after his jump the bar is displaced from the supports.
  • The minimum length of the runway has to be 15 meter. However, in some competitions, 20 meter or 25 meter long runway is also used.
  • The IAAF has recommended the length and breadth of the landing area in the high jump event.
  • Medal Winners in the High Jump for Men: The United States of America and Russia have been leading the international field of high jump since the time of its advent. Javier Sotomayor, Andriy Sokolovskyy, Jacques Freitag, Artur Partyka, Troy Kemp, Dragutin Topic, Sergey Malchenko, Gennadiy Avdeyenko, Hollis Conway, Zhu Jianhua, Vyacheslav Voronin, Charles Austin, Sorin Matei, Rudolf Povarnitsyn, Igor Paklin, Patrik Sjoberg, Yaroslav Rybakov, Matt Hemingway, Steve Smith, Wolf-Hendrik Beyer, Ralf Sonn, Dietmar Mogenburg, Stefan Holm, Carlo Thranhardt, Sergey Klyugin, Dick Fosbury, Valeriy Brumel, Charles Dumas, John Winter, Harry Porter, Irving Baxter and Ellery Clark are some famous athletes who excelled in the domain of high jump.

    Trivia: In the 1968 Mexico City Summer Games, Dick Fosbury of the United States of America introduced his signature back-first technique to the high jump program. The technique was named "Fosbury flop".

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