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Freestyle Javelin at Olympics

Freestyle javelin at Olympics was a part of the 6 throwing events at the Summer Olympics of 1908 in London. It was the only time this event was held at the Summer Games.

Eric Lemming of Sweden, Michalis Doriza of Greece and Arne Halse of Norway won the gold medal, silver medal and bronze medal respectively in the freestyle javelin event at the Summer Olympics of 1908.

Some of the notable athletes of freestyle javelin at Olympics were Hugo Wieslander, Juho Halme, Charalambos Zouras, Imre Mudin, Jalmari Sauli, Armas Pesonen, Alfred Flaxman, Istvan Mudin, Nikolaos Georgantas, Otto Nilsson, Henry Leeke, Johan Kemp, Knut Lindberg, Ludwig Uettwiller, Frantisek Soucek, Aarne Salovaara and Walter Henderson.

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