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4 Mile Team Race at Olympics

The 4 Mile Team Race at olympics was an exciting inclusion at the St Louis Olympics 1904. Unfortunately, the event was never staged again at the Olympics.

Held only on a single occasion at the Olympics, the 4 Mile Team Race is now an obsolete track and field event. The closely contested event was one of the main attractions of the 3rd edition of the Modern Olympics.

Scoring Structure

The 4 Mile Team Race had a different and interesting point system. The points were calculated according to the runners' position in the race. The team with the lowest score would be declared the winner.

Olympic Outcome

The 4 Mile Team Race at olympics was a special inclusion in the list of track and fields event at the 1904 St. Louis Olympics. Only two teams participated in the event and both the teams were from the host country - United States of America. Both the teams had five athletes each. One of the teams represented New York Athletic Club while the other one competed under the name of Chicago Athletic Association. New York AC emerged the eventual winners. The team members were Arthur Newton, Paul Pilgrim, George Underwood, David Munson and Howard Valentine.

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