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10 Mile Walk at Olympics

The 10 mile walk at Olympics is a track event that had been introduced in the 1908 Summer Olympics held in London. This track race event was held on the 16th and the 17th of July, 1908. However, this event was not included in the list of events in any of the future Summer Games.

The 10 mile walk competition had two rounds. The first round of the 10 mile walk had two races. The top four winners of each race qualified for the final race.

Amongst the various participants from different countries, Ernest Webb held the first position in the first race, followed by Carter, Larner and Spencer, all in second place. All the four runners represented Great Britain.

In the second race of the first round, George Larner of Great Britain won the race, followed by Richard Harisson in second position, Hary Kerr on the third and William Palmer in the fourth position. Except Kerr, who represented Australasia, the rest were from Great Britain.

The final race of the 10 miles walk was won by participants of Great Britain, who secured the top three positions. George Larner secured the first position by finishing the race in 1::15:57.4 sec followed by Ernest Webb in to the second position and Edward Spencer on the third position.

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