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Romania Olympic Team at the 2016 Rio Olympics

The 2016 Games in Numbers

  • Sports : 15
  • Athletes Participating : 98
  • Events : 66

Olympic Medals Table Romania

London 2012Summer Games2529
Beijing 2008Summer Games4138
Athens 2004 Summer Games85619
Sydney 2000Summer Games116926
Atlanta 1996Summer Games47920
Barcelona 1992 Summer Games46818
Seoul 1988 Summer Games711624
Los Angeles 1984 Summer Games20161753
Moscow 1980 Summer Games661325
Montreal 1976 Summer Games491427
Munich 1972 Summer Games36716
Grenoble 1968 Summer Games0011
Mexico 1968 Summer Games46515
Tokyo 1964 Summer Games24612
Rome 1960 Summer Games31610
Melbourne / Stockholm 1956 Summer Games53513
Helsinki 1952 Summer Games1124
Berlin 1936 Summer Games0101
Paris 1924 Summer Games0011

Romania Olympic Athletes at 2016 Rio Olympics

S.N.Athletes NamesSports
1Mihai NistorM. NistorBoxing
2Serghei ȚvetcovS. ȚvetcovCycling - Road
3Simona DeacS. DeacFencing
4Ana Maria BrânzăA. BrânzăFencing
5Simona GhermanS. GhermanFencing
6Tiberiu DolniceanuT. DolniceanuFencing
7Mălina CălugăreanuM. CălugăreanuFencing
8Cătălina PonorC. PonorGymnastics
9Marian DrăgulescuM. DrăgulescuGymnastics
10Andrei MunteanA. MunteanGymnastics
11Cristina NeaguC. NeaguHandball
12Oana ManeaO. ManeaHandball
13Aurelia BrădeanuA. BrădeanuHandball
14Eliza BuceschiE. BuceschiHandball
15Paula UngureanuP. UngureanuHandball
16Gabriella SzűcsG. SzűcsHandball
17Valentina Ardean-EliseiV. Ardean-EliseiHandball
18Patricia VizitiuP. VizitiuHandball
19Melinda GaigerM. GaigerHandball
20Gabriela PerianuG. PerianuHandball
21Laura ChiperL. ChiperHandball
22Ionica MunteanuI. MunteanuHandball
23Florina ChintoanF. ChintoanHandball
24Daniel NateaD. NateaJudo
25Andreea ChițuA. ChițuJudo
26Corina CăprioriuC. CăprioriuJudo
27Monica UngureanuM. UngureanuJudo
28Ana Luiza FiliorianuA. FiliorianuRhythmic gymnastics
29Ioana StrungaruI. StrungaruRowing
30Laura OpreaL. OpreaRowing
31Adelina CojocariuA. CojocariuRowing
32Marius Vasile CozmiucM. CozmiucRowing
33Roxana CogianuR. CogianuRowing
34Vlad-Dragos AicoboaeV. AicoboaeRowing
35Madalina BeresM. BereșRowing
36Andreea BoghianA. BoghianRowing
37Daniela DrunceaD. DrunceaRowing
38Mihaela PetrilaM. PetrilaRowing
39Toader-Andrei GontaruT. GontaruRowing
40Cristi Ilie PîrghieC.I. PîrghieRowing
41Gianina-Elena BeleagaG. BeleagaRowing
42George PalamariuG. PalamariuRowing
43Ionela-Livia LehaciI. LehaciRowing
44Constantin AdamC. AdamRowing
45Iuliana PopaI. PopaRowing
46Elena-Lavinia TarleaE.L. TarleaRowing
47Alin MoldoveanuA. MoldoveanuShooting
48Robert GlințăR. GlințăSwimming
49Norbert TrandafirN. TrandafirSwimming
50Daniel MacoveiD. MacoveiSwimming
51Alin CosteA. CosteSwimming
52Marius RaduM. RaduSwimming
53Ana-Iulia DascalA. DascalSwimming
54Bernadette SzőcsB. SzőcsTable tennis
55Elizabeta SamaraE. SamaraTable tennis
56Daniela Monteiro DodeanD. Monteiro DodeanTable tennis
57Adrian CrișanA. CrișanTable tennis
58Ovidiu IonescuO. IonescuTable tennis
59Irina-Camelia BeguI. BeguTennis
60Monica NiculescuM. NiculescuTennis
61Horia TecăuH. TecăuTennis
62Andreea MituA. MituTennis
63Florin MergeaF. MergeaTennis
64Raluca OlaruR. OlaruTennis
65Alina RotaruA. RotaruTrack & field
66Mihai DonisanM. DonisanTrack & field
67Marian OpreaM. OpreaTrack & field
68Marius IonescuM. IonescuTrack & field
69Claudia ȘtefC. ȘtefTrack & field
70Ancuța BobocelA. BobocelTrack & field
71Paula TodoranP. TodoranTrack & field
72Bianca RăzorB. RăzorTrack & field
73Andrei GagA. GagTrack & field
74Cristina BujinC. BujinTrack & field
75Adelina PastorA. PastorTrack & field
76Anamaria IonițăA. IonițăTrack & field
77Claudia BoboceaC. BoboceaTrack & field
78Andrei ToaderA. ToaderTrack & field
79Elena PanțuroiuE. PanțuroiuTrack & field
80Andrea MiklósA. MiklósTrack & field
81Marius CocioranM. CocioranTrack & field
82Daniela CârlanD. CârlanTrack & field
83Andreea ArsineA. ArsineTrack & field
84Sanda BelgyanS. BelgyanTrack & field
85Narcis Stefan MihailaN. S. MihailaTrack & field
86Ana Veronica RodeanA. RodeanTrack & field
87Nicolae-Alexandru SoareN. SoareTrack & field
88Gabriel SîncrăianG. SîncrăianWeightlifting
89Andreea AaneiA. AaneiWeightlifting
90Florina Sorina HulpanF.S. HulpanWeightlifting
91Dumitru CaptariD. CaptariWeightlifting
92Albert SaritovA. SaritovWrestling
93Alin AlexucA. Alexuc-CiurariuWrestling
94Ion PanaitI. PanaitWrestling
95Ivan GuideaI. GuideaWrestling
96Emilia Alina VucE. VucWrestling

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