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French Athletes at the 2016 Summer Olympics

France Medal Count (Tally) 2016 Olympics

France would send 281 competitors to the 2016 Summer Olympics to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from August 5 to 21, 2016. They would be competing in 22 sports.

France has participated in every game of the modern era ever since its inception in 1896.

French Team's Participation

France would be competing in a wide array of sports such as football, boxing, canoeing, cycling, fencing, handball, rugby's seven, shooting, swimming, water polo, wrestling, gymnastics, and other sports.

France has twice hosted the Olympic Games - 1900 and 1924. Both the events were hosted in Paris, the capital of France.

France had sent 330 competitors to the 2012 Summer Olympics held in London, England.

Of these, 183 were men and 147 women. They competed in 24 sports. France bagged a total of 35 medals at the games: 11 gold, 11 silver, and 12 bronze.

The 2016 Games in Numbers

  • Sports : 37
  • Athletes Participating : 397
  • Events : 200

Rank Country Country Name Gold Silver Bronze Total

List of France Competitors Participating in the Rio Games

Modern pentathlon213
Rugby sevens121224
Synchronized swimming022
Table tennis314
Water polo13013


Olympic GamesGoldSilverBronze
Sochi 2014 Winter Games447
London 2012 Summer Games111112
Vancouver 2010 Winter Games236
Beijin2008 Summer Games71718
Turin 2006 Winter Games324
Athens 2004 Summer Games11913
Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Games452
Sydney 2000 Summer Games131411
Nagano 1998 Winter Games215
Atlanta 1996 Summer Games15715
Lillehammer 1994 Winter Games014
Albertville 1992 Winter Games572
Barcelona 1992 Summer Games8618
Calgary 1988 Winter Games101
Seoul 1988 Summer Games667
Sarajevo 1984 Winter Games012
Los Angeles 1984 Summer Games5717
Lake Placid 1980 Winter Games001
Moscow 1980 Summer Games653
Innsbruck 1976 Winter Games001
Montreal 1976 Summer Games234
Sapporo 1972 Winter Games012
Munich 1972 Summer Games247
Grenoble 1968 Winter Games432
Mexico 1968 Summer Games735
Innsbruck 1964 Winter Games340
Tokyo 1964 Summer Games186
Squaw Valley 1960 Winter Games102
Rome 1960 Summer Games023
Melbourne / Stockholm 1956 Summer Games446
Helsinki 1952 Summer Games666
Oslo 1952 Winter Games001
London 1948 Summer Games10613
St. Moritz 1948 Winter Games212
Berlin 1936 Summer Games766
Garmisch-Partenkirchen 1936 Winter Games001
Los Angeles 1932 Summer Games1054
Lake Placid 1932 Winter Games100
Amsterdam 1928 Summer Games7105
St. Moritz 1928 Winter Games100
Paris 1924 Summer Games131610
Chamonix 1924 Winter Games002
Antwerp 1920 Summer Games91913
Stockholm 1912 Summer Games743
London 1908 Summer Games459
Paris 1900 Summer Games233632
Athens 1896 Summer Games542

France Olympic Team - 2016 Rio Olympics

Lucas DanielMen's individualArcheryMen
Pierre PlihonMen's individualArcheryMen
Jean-Charles ValladontMen's individualArcheryMen
Lucas DanielMen's teamArcheryMen
Pierre PlihonMen's teamArcheryMen
Jean-Charles ValladontMen's teamArcheryMen
Dimitri Bascou110 m hurdlesTrack & road eventsMen
Wilhelm Belocian110 m hurdlesTrack & road eventsMen
Pierre-Ambroise Bosse800 mTrack & road eventsMen
Kévin Campion20 km walkTrack & road eventsMen
Florian Carvalho1500 mTrack & road eventsMen
Yohann Diniz50 km walkTrack & road eventsMen
Yoann Kowal3000 m steeplechaseTrack & road eventsMen
Christophe Lemaitre100 mTrack & road eventsMen
200 m200 mTrack & road eventsMen
Pascal Martinot-Lagarde110 m hurdlesTrack & road eventsMen
Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad3000 m steeplechaseTrack & road eventsMen
Jimmy Vicaut100 m Track & road eventsMen
Guy-Elphegè Anouman4 × 100 m relayTrack & road eventsMen
Stuart Dutamby4 × 100 m relayTrack & road eventsMen
Christophe Lemaitre4 × 100 m relayTrack & road eventsMen
Marvin René4 × 100 m relayTrack & road eventsMen
Jimmy Vicaut4 × 100 m relayTrack & road eventsMen
Mickaël-Meba Zeze4 × 100 m relayTrack & road eventsMen
Mame-Ibra Anne4 × 400 m relayTrack & road eventsMen
Teddy Atine-Venel4 × 400 m relayTrack & road eventsMen
Mamadou Kasse Hann4 × 400 m relayTrack & road eventsMen
Mamoudou Elimane Hanne4 × 400 m relayTrack & road eventsMen
Thomas Jordier4 × 400 m relayTrack & road eventsMen
Ludvy Vaillant4 × 400 m relayTrack & road eventsMen
Benjamin CompaoréTriple jumpField eventsMen
Harold CorreaTriple jumpField eventsMen
Kafétien GomisLong jumpField eventsMen
Stanley JosephPole vaultField eventsMen
Renaud LavilleniePole vaultField eventsMen
Kévin MenaldoPole vaultField eventsMen
Bastien AuzeilCombined events Combined events Men
Kévin MayerCombined events Combined events Men
Phara Anacharsis400 m hurdlesTrack & road events Women
Cindy Billaud100 m hurdlesTrack & road events Women
Christelle DaunayMarathonTrack & road events Women
Justine Fedronic800 mTrack & road events Women
Sandra Gomis100 m hurdlesTrack & road events Women
Floria Gueï400 mTrack & road events Women
Rénelle Lamote800 mTrack & road events Women
Emilie Menuet20 km walkTrack & road events Women
Stella Akakpo4 × 100 m relayTrack & road events Women
Céline Distel-Bonnet4 × 100 m relayTrack & road events Women
Floriane Gnafoua4 × 100 m relayTrack & road events Women
Jennifer Galais4 × 100 m relayTrack & road events Women
Maroussia Paré4 × 100 m relayTrack & road events Women
Carolle Zahi4 × 100 m relayTrack & road events Women
Phara Anacharsis4 × 400 m relayTrack & road events Women
Elea Mariama Diarra4 × 400 m relayTrack & road events Women
Floria Gueï4 × 400 m relayTrack & road events Women
Marie Gayot4 × 400 m relayTrack & road events Women
Brigitte Ntiamoah4 × 400 m relayTrack & road events Women
Agnès Raharolahy4 × 400 m relayTrack & road events Women
Mathilde AndraudJavelin throwField eventsWomen
Jeanine Assani IssoufTriple jumpField eventsWomen
Vanessa BoslakPole vaultField eventsWomen
Pauline PousseDiscus throwField eventsWomen
Mélina Robert-MichonDiscus throwField eventsWomen
Alexandra TavernierHammer throwField eventsWomen
Antoinette Nana Djimou Ida Combined events Combined events Women
Brice Leverdez Men's singlesBadmintonMen
Delphine LansacWomen's singlesBadmintonWomen
Heurtel, Thomas BasketballMen
Batum, Nicolas BasketballMen
Diot, Antoine BasketballMen
Lauvergne, Joffrey BasketballMen
Lombahe-Kahudi, Charles BasketballMen
Parker, Tony BasketballMen
Piétrus, Florent BasketballMen
de Colo, Nando BasketballMen
Diaw, Boris BasketballMen
Gelabale, Mickaël BasketballMen
Gobert, Rudy BasketballMen
Tillie, Kim BasketballWomen
Yacoubou, Isabelle BasketballWomen
Miyem, Endene BasketballWomen
Gruda, Sandrine BasketballWomen
Dumerc, Céline BasketballWomen
Michel, Sarah BasketballWomen
Ayayi, Valériane BasketballWomen
Skrela, Gaëlle BasketballWomen
Ciak, Héléna BasketballWomen
Johannes, Marine BasketballWomen
Amant, Marielle BasketballWomen
Epoupa, Olivia BasketballWomen
Kamba, Laetitia BasketballWomen
Elie KonkiFlyweightBoxingMen
Sofiane OumihaLightweightBoxingMen
Hassan AmzileLight welterweightBoxingMen
Souleymane CissokhoWelterweightBoxingMen
Christian Mbilli AsomoMiddleweightBoxingMen
Mathieu BauderliqueLight heavyweightBoxingMen
Paul Omba BiongoloHeavyweightBoxingMen
Tony YokaSuper heavyweightBoxingMen
Sarah OurahmouneFlyweightBoxingWomen
Estelle MosselyLightweightBoxingWomen
Denis Gargaud ChanutMen's C-1Canoeing - SlalomMen
Gauthier KlaussMen's C-2Canoeing - SlalomMen
Matthieu PéchéMen's C-2Canoeing - SlalomMen
Sébastien CombotMen's K-1Canoeing - SlalomMen
Marie-Zélia LafontWomen's K-1Canoeing - SlalomWomen
Adrien BartC-1 1000 mCanoeing - SlalomMen
Maxime BeaumontK-1 200 mCanoeing - SlalomMen
Cyrille CarréK-1 1000 mCanoeing - SlalomMen
Maxime BeaumontK-2 200 mCanoeing - SlalomMen
Sébastien JouveK-2 200 mCanoeing - SlalomMen
Étienne HubertK-2 1000 mCanoeing - SlalomMen
Arnaud HyboisK-2 1000 mCanoeing - SlalomMen
Sarah GuyotK-1 200 mCanoeing - SlalomWomen
Manon HostensK-4 500 mCanoeing - SlalomWomen
Léa JamelotK-4 500 mCanoeing - SlalomWomen
Amandine LhoteK-4 500 mCanoeing - SlalomWomen
Sarah TroelK-4 500 mCanoeing - SlalomWomen
Julian AlaphilippeRoad raceCycling - RoadMen
Romain BardetRoad raceCycling - RoadMen
Warren BarguilRoad raceCycling - RoadMen
Alexis VuillermozRoad raceCycling - RoadMen
Audrey CordonRoad raceCycling - RoadWomen
Pauline Ferrand-PrevotRoad raceCycling - RoadWomen
Grégory BaugéMen's sprintTrack - SprintMen
François PervisMen's sprintTrack - SprintMen
Grégory BaugéMen's team sprintTrack - SprintMen
Michaël D'AlmeidaMen's team sprintTrack - SprintMen
François PervisMen's team sprintTrack - SprintMen
Sandie ClairWomen's sprintTrack - SprintWomen
Virginie CueffWomen's sprintTrack - SprintWomen
Sandie ClairWomen's team sprintTrack - SprintWomen
Virginie CueffWomen's team sprintTrack - SprintWomen
François PervisMen's keirinKeirin Men
Sandie ClairWomen's keirinKeirin Women
Virginie CueffWomen's keirinKeirin Women
Thomas BoudatMen's omniumOmnium Men
Laurie BerthonWomen's omniumOmnium Women
Julien AbsalonMen's cross-countryMountain bikingMen
Victor KoretzkyMen's cross-countryMountain bikingMen
Maxime MarotteMen's cross-countryMountain bikingMen
Perrine ClauzelWomen's cross-countryMountain bikingWomen
Pauline Ferrand-PrévotWomen's cross-countryMountain bikingWomen
Joris DaudetMen's BMXBMXMen
Amidou MirMen's BMXBMXMen
Jérémy RencurelMen's BMXBMXMen
Manon ValentinoWomen's BMXBMXWomen
Matthieu Rosset3 m springboardDivingMen
Benjamin Auffret10 m platformDivingMen
Laura Marino10 m platformDivingWomen
Stephanie BrieusselIndividualEquestrian - Dressage 
Ludovic HenryIndividualEquestrian - Dressage 
Karen TebarIndividualEquestrian - Dressage 
Pierre VollaIndividualEquestrian - Dressage 
Stephanie BrieusselTeamEquestrian - Dressage 
Ludovic HenryTeamEquestrian - Dressage 
Karen TebarTeamEquestrian - Dressage 
Pierre VollaTeamEquestrian - Dressage 
Karim Florent LaghouagIndividualEquestrian-Eventing 
Mathieu LemoineIndividualEquestrian-Eventing 
Astier NicolasIndividualEquestrian-Eventing 
Thibaut ValletteIndividualEquestrian-Eventing 
Karim Florent LaghouagTeamEquestrian-Eventing 
Mathieu LemoineTeamEquestrian-Eventing 
Astier NicolasTeamEquestrian-Eventing 
Thibaut ValletteTeamEquestrian-Eventing 
Roger-Yves BostIndividualJumping 
Simon DelestreIndividualJumping 
Pénélope LeprevostIndividualJumping 
Kevin StautIndividualJumping 
Roger-Yves BostTeamJumping 
Simon DelestreTeamJumping 
Pénélope LeprevostTeamJumping 
Kevin StautTeamJumping 
Yannick BorelÉpéeFencingMen
Gauthier GrumierÉpéeFencingMen
Daniel JérentÉpéeFencingMen
Yannick BorelTeam épéeFencingMen
Gauthier GrumierTeam épéeFencingMen
Daniel JérentTeam épéeFencingMen
Jérémy CadotFoilFencingMen
Erwann Le PechouxFoilFencingMen
Enzo LefortFoilFencingMen
Jérémy CadotTeam foilFencingMen
Erwann Le PechouxTeam foilFencingMen
Enzo LefortTeam foilFencingMen
Vincent AnstettSabreFencingMen
Marie-Florence CandassamyÉpéeFencingWomen
Auriane MalloÉpéeFencingWomen
Lauren RembiÉpéeFencingWomen
Marie-Florence CandassamyTeam épéeFencingWomen
Auriane MalloTeam épéeFencingWomen
Lauren RembiTeam épéeFencingWomen
Astrid GuyartFoilFencingWomen
Ysaora ThibusFoilFencingWomen
Cécilia BerderSabreFencingWomen
Manon BrunetSabreFencingWomen
Charlotte LembachSabreFencingWomen
Cécilia BerderSabreFencingWomen
Manon BrunetTeam sabreFencingWomen
Charlotte LembachTeam sabreFencingWomen
Griedge Mbock Bathy FootballMen
Wendie Renard FootballMen
Sakina Karchaoui FootballMen
Sabrina Delannoy FootballMen
Amandine Henry FootballMen
Amel Majri FootballMen
Jessica Houara FootballMen
Eugénie Le Sommer FootballMen
Camille Abily FootballMen
Claire Lavogez FootballMen
Élodie Thomis FootballMen
Kadidiatou Diani FootballMen
Louisa Nécib FootballMen
Élise Bussaglia FootballMen
Sarah Bouhaddi FootballMen
Kheira Hamraoui FootballMen
Marie-Laure Delie FootballMen
Grégory BourdyMen'sGolfMen
Julien QuesneMen'sGolfMen
Karine IcherWomen'sGolfWomen
Gwladys NoceraWomen'sGolfWomen
Samir Aït Saïd Gymnastics - ArtisticMen
Axel Augis Gymnastics - ArtisticMen
Julien Gobaux Gymnastics - ArtisticMen
Danny Rodrigues Gymnastics - ArtisticMen
Cyril Tommasone Gymnastics - ArtisticMen
Marine Boyer Gymnastics - ArtisticWomen
Marine Brevet Gymnastics - ArtisticWomen
Loan His Gymnastics - ArtisticWomen
Oréane Lechenault Gymnastics - ArtisticWomen
Louise Vanhille Gymnastics - ArtisticWomen
Kseniya MoustafaevaIndividualRhythmic 
Sébastien MartinyMen'sTrampolineMen
Marine JurbertWomen'sTrampolineWomen
Daniel Narcisse HandballMen
Vincent Gérard HandballMen
Nikola Karabatić HandballMen
Kentin Mahé HandballMen
Mathieu Grébille HandballMen
Thierry Omeyer HandballMen
Timothey N'Guessan HandballMen
Luc Abalo HandballMen
Cédric Sorhaindo HandballMen
Michaël Guigou HandballMen
Luka Karabatić HandballMen
Ludovic Fabregas HandballMen
Adrien Dipanda HandballMen
Valentin Porte HandballMen
Laura Glauser HandballWomen
Blandine Dancette HandballWomen
Camille Ayglon HandballWomen
Allison Pineau HandballWomen
Laurisa Landre HandballWomen
Grace Zaadi HandballWomen
Amandine Leynaud HandballWomen
Manon Houette HandballWomen
Siraba Dembélé HandballWomen
Chloé Bulleux HandballWomen
Béatrice Edwige HandballWomen
Estelle Nze Minko HandballWomen
Gnonsiane Niombla HandballWomen
Alexandra Lacrabère HandballWomen
Walide Khyar−60 kgJudoMen
Kilian Le Blouch−66 kgJudoMen
Pierre Duprat−73 kgJudoMen
Loïc Pietri−81 kgJudoMen
Alexandre Iddir−90 kgJudoMen
Cyrille Maret−100 kgJudoMen
Teddy Riner+100 kgJudoMen
Laëtitia Payet−48 kgJudoWomen
Priscilla Gneto−52 kgJudoWomen
Automne Pavia−57 kgJudoWomen
Clarisse Agbegnenou−63 kgJudoWomen
Gévrise Émane−70 kgJudoWomen
Audrey Tcheuméo−78 kgJudoWomen
Émilie Andéol+78 kgJudoWomen
Valentin BelaudMen'sModern pentathlonMen
Valentin PradesMen'sModern pentathlonMen
Élodie ClouvelWomen'sModern pentathlonWomen
Germain ChardinPairRowingMen
Dorian MortelettePairRowingMen
Matthieu AndrodiasDouble scullsRowingMen
Hugo BoucheronDouble scullsRowingMen
Jérémie AzouLightweight double scullsRowingMen
Pierre HouinLightweight double scullsRowingMen
Benjamin LangFourRowingMen
Mickaël MarteauFourRowingMen
Théophile OnfroyFourRowingMen
Valentin OnfroyFourRowingMen
Thomas BaroukhLightweight fourRowingMen
Thibault ColardLightweight fourRowingMen
Guillaume RaineauLightweight fourRowingMen
Franck SolforosiLightweight fourRowingMen
Noémie KoberPairRowingWomen
Marie Le NepvouPairRowingWomen
Hélène LefebvreDouble scullsRowingWomen
Elodie RaveraDouble scullsRowingWomen
Jérémy Aicardi Rugby sevensMen
Steeve Barry Rugby sevensMen
Terry Bouhraoua Rugby sevensMen
Julien Candelon Rugby sevensMen
Damien Cler Rugby sevensMen
Manoël Dall'igna Rugby sevensMen
Vincent Inigo Rugby sevensMen
Pierre-Gilles Lakafia Rugby sevensMen
Jonathan Laugel Rugby sevensMen
Stephen Parez Rugby sevensMen
Virimi Vakatawa Rugby sevensMen
Sacha Valleau Rugby sevensMen
Audrey Amiel Rugby sevensWomen
Pauline Biscarat Rugby sevensWomen
Camille Grassineau Rugby sevensWomen
Lina Guérin Rugby sevensWomen
Elodie Guiglion Rugby sevensWomen
Fanny Horta Rugby sevensWomen
Shannon Izar Rugby sevensWomen
Caroline Ladagnous Rugby sevensWomen
Jade Le Pesq Rugby sevensWomen
Marjorie Mayans Rugby sevensWomen
Rose Thomas Rugby sevensWomen
Jennifer Troncy Rugby sevensWomen
Pierre Le CoqRS:XSailingMen
Jean Baptiste BernazLaserSailingMen
Jonathan LobertFinnSailingMen
Sofian Bouvet470SailingMen
Jérémie Mion470SailingMen
Noé Delpech49erSailingMen
Julien d'Ortoli49erSailingMen
Charline PiconRS:XSailingWomen
Mathilde de KerangatLaser RadialSailingWomen
Hélène Defrance470SailingWomen
Camille Lecointre470SailingWomen
Aude Compan49erFXSailingWomen
Sarah Steyaert49erFXSailingWomen
Billy BessonNacra 17SailingMixed
Marie RiouNacra 17SailingMixed
Éric DelaunaySkeetShootingMen
Cyril Graff50 m rifle proneShootingMen
Jérémy Monnier10 m air rifle & 50 m rifle proneShootingMen
Jean Quiquampoix25 m rapid fire pistolShootingMen
Alexis Raynaud50 m rifle 3 positionsShootingMen
Valérian Sauveplane10 m air rifle & 50 m rifle 3 positionsShootingMen
Anthony TerrasSkeetShootingMen
Laurence Brize10 m air rifle & 50 m rifle 3 positionsShootingWomen
Céline Goberville10 m air pistolShootingWomen
Mathilde Lamolle25 m pistolShootingWomen
Stéphanie Tirode 10 m air pistol & 25 m pistolShootingWomen
Yannick Agnel200 m freestyleSwimmingMen
Frédérick Bousquet50 m freestyleSwimmingMen
Jordan Coelho200 m butterflySwimmingMen
Nicolas D'Oriano1500 m freestyleSwimmingMen
Damien Joly1500 m freestyleSwimmingMen
Camille Lacourt100 m backstrokeSwimmingMen
Florent Manaudou50 m freestyleSwimmingMen
Mehdy Metella100 m butterflySwimmingMen
Clément Mignon100 m freestyleSwimmingMen
Marc-Antoine Olivier10 km open waterSwimmingMen
Jordan Pothain400 m freestyleSwimmingMen
Jérémy Stravius100 m freestyleSwimmingMen
Fabien Gilot*4 × 100 m freestyle relaySwimmingMen
Florent Manaudou4 × 100 m freestyle relaySwimmingMen
Mehdy Metella4 × 100 m freestyle relaySwimmingMen
William Meynard*4 × 100 m freestyle relaySwimmingMen
Clément Mignon4 × 100 m freestyle relaySwimmingMen
Jérémy Stravius4 × 100 m freestyle relaySwimmingMen
Yannick Agnel4 × 200 m freestyle relaySwimmingMen
Lorys Bourelly4 × 200 m freestyle relaySwimmingMen
Grégory Mallet*4 × 200 m freestyle relaySwimmingMen
Jordan Pothain4 × 200 m freestyle relaySwimmingMen
Jérémy Stravius4 × 200 m freestyle relaySwimmingMen
Théo Bussière4 × 100 m medley relaySwimmingMen
Camille Lacourt4 × 100 m medley relaySwimmingMen
Clément Mignon4 × 100 m medley relaySwimmingMen
Jérémy Stravius4 × 100 m medley relaySwimmingMen
Coralie Balmy200 m freestyle, 400 & 800 m FreestyleSwimmingWomen
Charlotte Bonnet100 m freestyle, 200 m freestyleSwimmingWomen
Béryl Gastaldello100 m freestyle, 100 m butterflySwimmingWomen
Lara Grangeon200 m butterfly, 200 m individual medley, 400 m individual medleySwimmingWomen
Mélanie Henique50 m freestyleSwimmingWomen
Fantine Lesaffre400 m individual medleySwimmingWomen
Aurélie Muller10 km open waterSwimmingWomen
Anna Santamans50 m freestyleSwimmingWomen
Marie Wattel100 m butterflySwimmingWomen
Charlotte Bonnet4 × 100 m freestyle relaySwimmingWomen
Mathilde Cini4 × 100 m freestyle relaySwimmingWomen
Béryl Gastaldello4 × 100 m freestyle relaySwimmingWomen
Anna Santamans4 × 100 m freestyle relaySwimmingWomen
Coralie Balmy4 × 200 m freestyle relaySwimmingWomen
Charlotte Bonnet4 × 200 m freestyle relaySwimmingWomen
Margaux Fabre4 × 200 m freestyle relaySwimmingWomen
Cloé Hache4 × 200 m freestyle relaySwimmingWomen
Charlotte Bonnet4 × 100 m medley relaySwimmingWomen
Fanny Deberghes4 × 100 m medley relaySwimmingWomen
Béryl Gastaldello4 × 100 m medley relaySwimmingWomen
Marie Wattel4 × 100 m medley relaySwimmingWomen
Laura AugéDuetSynchronized swimming 
Margaux ChrétienDuetSynchronized swimming 
Simon GauzyMen's singlesTable tennisMen
Emmanuel LebessonMen's singlesTable tennisMen
Tristan FloreMen's teamTable tennisMen
Simon GauzyMen's teamTable tennisMen
Emmanuel LebessonMen's teamTable tennisMen
Li XueWomen's singlesTable tennisWomen
M'bar N'diayeMen's +80 kgTaekwondoMen
Yasmina AziezWomen's −49 kgTaekwondoWomen
Haby NiaréWomen's −67 kgTaekwondoWomen
Gwladys ÉpangueWomen's +67 kgTaekwondoWomen
Gaël MonfilsSinglesTennisMen
Benoît PaireSinglesTennisMen
Gilles SimonSinglesTennisMen
Jo-Wilfried TsongaSinglesTennisMen
Gaël MonfilsDoublesTennisMen
Jo-Wilfried TsongaDoublesTennisMen
Pierre-Hugues HerbertDoublesTennisMen
Nicolas MahutDoublesTennisMen
Alizé CornetSinglesTennisWomen
Caroline GarciaSinglesTennisWomen
Kristina MladenovicSinglesTennisWomen
Caroline GarciaDoublesTennisWomen
Kristina MladenovicDoublesTennisWomen
Dorian ConinxMen'sTriathlonMen
Pierre Le CorreMen'sTriathlonMen
Vincent LuisMen'sTriathlonMen
Cassandre BeaugrandWomen'sTriathlonWomen
Audrey MerleWomen'sTriathlonWomen
Jenia Grebennikov (L) VolleyballMen
Antonin Rouzier VolleyballMen
Trévor Clévenot VolleyballMen
Benjamin Toniutti (C) VolleyballMen
Kévin Tillie VolleyballMen
Earvin N'Gapeth VolleyballMen
Kévin Le Roux VolleyballMen
Pierre Pujol VolleyballMen
Nicolas Le Goff VolleyballMen
Nicolas Maréchal VolleyballMen
Franck Lafitte VolleyballMen
Thibault Rossard VolleyballMen
Rémi Garsau Water polo 
Rémi Saudadier Water poloMen
Igor Kovacevic Water poloMen
Enzo Khasz Water poloMen
Romain Blary Water poloMen
Thibaut Simon Water poloMen
Ugo Crousillat Water poloMen
Michal Iždinský Water poloMen
Mehdi Marzouki Water poloMen
Mathieu Peisson Water poloMen
Petar Tomašević Water poloMen
Alexandre Camarasa Water poloMen
Jonathan Moriame Water poloMen
Bernardin Kingue MatamMen's −69 kgWeightliftingMen
Giovanni BardisMen's −85 kgWeightliftingMen
Benjamin HennequinMen's −85 kgWeightliftingMen
Kévin BoulyMen's −94 kgWeightliftingMen
Gaëlle Nayo-KetchankeWomen's −75 kgWeightliftingWomen
Zelimkhan Khadjiev −74 kgWrestlingMen
Cynthia Vescan −75 kg WrestlingWomen

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Olympic Athletes - Rio 2016 Summer Olympics