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Ethiopia Olympic Team at the 2016 Rio Olympics

Ethiopia at Rio Olympics

Ethiopia has always participated in the Olympic Games since 1956 except for 1976, 1984 and 1988 due to the African, Soviet and North Korean boycott. The country has won 45 medals since its first participation. Ethiopia won the highest number of medals (8) in 2000 and was ranked 20 out of 26 participants.

In 2016 Ro Olympics, 34 Ethiopian athletes will participate with one cyclist qualifying in the men's Olympic road race for the first time since 1992. The 2016 Summer Games, which is the 13th year of the Ethiopia's appearance, has come with major improvements on the number of events participated. The Ethiopian athletes are pinning hopes on track events.

Major achievements

Ethiopia has won maximum medals in 5,000 meter and 10,000 meter marathons with sporadic success being observed throughout. Ethiopia is well known in for its prowess in long-distance marathon.

Top Ethiopian athletes

The first renowned athlete from Ethiopia, Abebe Bikila, was still the first Olympic gold medalist from sub-Saharan Africa. The first black African woman to win a gold medal was from Ethiopia, Derartu Tulu, who also set a new record. More achievements have been attributed to Ethiopia. For instance, Haile Gebrselassie won two Olympic gold medals and four world championship titles. Kenenisa Bekele is the most accomplished runner in history setting Olympic records in both 5,000 and 10,000 meters.

The 2016 Games in Numbers

  • Sports : 3
  • Athletes Participating : 38
  • Events : 16

Olympic Medals Table Ethiopia

London 2012Summer Games3137
Beijing 2008Summer Games4127
Athens 2004Summer Games2327
Sydney 2000Summer Games4138
Atlanta 1996Summer Games2013
Barcelona 1992Summer Games1023
Moscow 1980Summer Games2024
Munich 1972Summer Games0022
Mexico 1968Summer Games1102
Tokyo 1964Summer Games1001
Rome 1960Summer Games1001

Ethiopia Olympic Athletes at 2016 Rio Summer Olympics

Athletes NamesSports
Tsgabu GrmayT. GrmayCycling - Road
Rahel Fseha GebresilassieR.F. GebresilassieSwimming
Robel Kiros HabteR. HabteSwimming
Genzebe DibabaG. DibabaTrack & field
Tirunesh DibabaT. DibabaTrack & field
Almaz AyanaA. AyanaTrack & field
Lemi Berhanu HayleL. Berhanu HayleTrack & field
Hiwot AyalewH. AyalewTrack & field
Mohammed AmanM. AmanTrack & field
Mare DibabaM. DibabaTrack & field
Tesfaye AberaT. AberaTrack & field
Dejen GebremeskelD. GebremeskelTrack & field
Muktar EdrisM. EdrisTrack & field
Tigist TufaT. TufaTrack & field
Hagos GebrhiwetH. GebrhiwetTrack & field
Yigrem DemelashY. DemelashTrack & field
Tirfi TsegayeT. TsegayeTrack & field
Gelete BurkaG. BurkaTrack & field
Senbere TeferiS. TeferiTrack & field
Dawit SeyaumD. SeyaumTrack & field
Feyisa LilesaF. LilesaTrack & field
Sofia AssefaS. AssefaTrack & field
Dawit WoldeD. WoldeTrack & field
Habitam AlemuH. AlemuTrack & field
Aman WoteA. WoteTrack & field
Gudaf TsegayG. TsegayTrack & field
Tigist AssefaT. AssefaTrack & field
Tamirat TolaT. TolaTrack & field
Mekonnen GebremedhinM. GebremedhinTrack & field
Besu SadoB. SadoTrack & field
Etenesh DiroE. DiroTrack & field
Chala BeyoC. BeyoTrack & field
Hailemariyam AmareH. AmareTrack & field
Ababel YeshanehA. YeshanehTrack & field
Tafese SebokaT. SebokaTrack & field
Yehualeye BeletewY. BeletewTrack & field
Askale TiksaA. TiksaTrack & field
Abadi EmbayeA. EmbayeTrack & field

Last Updated On : August 05, 2016