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Denmark Olympic Team at the 2016 Rio Olympics

Denmark Medal Count (Tally) 2016 Olympics

Denmark at 2016 Rio Olympics

Despite Denmark having a relatively small population of just over five million, it has historically done well in the Olympics. It first participated in the inaugural edition of Olympic Games in 1896 where three of its athletes competed in five sports in Athens. It had 15 entries in a total of 12 events and won six medals.

Medals won

Since then, Denmark has sent its athletes to compete in all the Summer Olympic Games except for the one that took place in 1904. In total, the Danish athletes have won 179 medals at the Summer Olympic Games.

The country has also participated in the Winter Olympic Games. However, it has not been much successful. In its participation history, only its Danish women’s curling team has won a medal for the country. Although the most successful discipline for the Danish is water sports, Denmark has won three gold medals in the women’s handball in the 1996 and 2004 Olympics.

Best performance so far

Year 1948 marked Denmark’s best performance in Olympics Games because it earned a total of 20 medals consisting of five gold, seven silver, and eight bronze. They also produced the best individual performer (a swimmer called Karen Margrethe Harup) who won three medals, gold, and two silvers in the same year.

During the 2012 London Olympic Games, Denmark obtained the 29th position among the most winning countries in the Olympics. Danish athletes competed in 18 disciplines with 113 athletes winning a total of nine medals – four silver, three bronze, and two gold medals.

Denmark will be represented by a total of 104 athletes – 72 men and 32 women. Some of the greatest athletes to watch out for include their five elite swimmers, Rikke Mller Pedersen, Viktor Bromer, Lotte Friis, Jeanette Ottesen, and Mie Nielsen.

The 2016 Games in Numbers

  • Sports : 19
  • Athletes Participating : 121
  • Events : 66

Rank Country Country Name Gold Silver Bronze Total

Olympic Medals Table Denmark

London 2012Summer Games2439
Beijing 2008Summer Games2237
Athens 2004Summer Games2068
Sydney 2000Summer Games2316
Nagano 1998Winter Games0101
Atlanta 1996 Summer Games4116
Barcelona 1992 Summer Games2147
Seoul 1988 Summer Games3216
Los Angeles 1984 Summer Games0336
Moscow 1980 Summer Games2125
Montreal 1976 Summer Games1023
Munich 1972 Summer Games1001
Mexico 1968 Summer Games1438
Tokyo 1964 Summer Games2136
Rome 1960 Summer Games2316
Melbourne / Stockholm 1956 Summer Games1214
Helsinki 1952 Summer Games2136
London 1948 Summer Games57820
Berlin 1936 Summer Games0235
Los Angeles 1932 Summer Games0336
Amsterdam 1928 Summer Games3137
Paris 1924 Summer Games2529
Antwerp 1920 Summer Games39113
Stockholm 1912 Summer Games16512
London 1908 Summer Games0235
Paris 1900 Summer Games1326
Athens 1896 Summer Games1236

Denmark Olympic Athletes at 2016 Rio Summer Olympics

S.N.Athletes NamesSports
1Viktor AxelsenV. AxelsenBadminton
2Jan Ø. JørgensenJ. Ø. JørgensenBadminton
3Carsten MogensenC. MogensenBadminton
4Mathias BoeM. BoeBadminton
5Christinna PedersenC. PedersenBadminton
6Line KjærsfeldtL. KjærsfeldtBadminton
7Joachim Fischer NielsenJ. Fischer NielsenBadminton
8Kamilla Rytter JuhlK.R. JuhlBadminton
9René Holten PoulsenR. PoulsenCanoe sprint
10Henriette Engel HansenH. HansenCanoe sprint
11Emma JørgensenE. JørgensenCanoe sprint
12Ida VillumsenI. VillumsenCanoe sprint
13Amalie ThomsenA. ThomsenCanoe sprint
14Simone ChristensenS ChristensenCycling - BMX
15Niklas LaustsenN. LaustsenCycling - BMX
16Annika LangvadA. LangvadCycling - Mountain bike
17Simon AndreassenS. AndreassenCycling - Mountain bike
18Jakob FuglsangJ. FuglsangCycling - Road
19Chris Anker SørensenC. SørensenCycling - Road
20Christopher Juul-JensenC. Juul-JensenCycling - Road
21Lasse Norman HansenL. HansenCycling - Track
22Amalie DideriksenA. DideriksenCycling - Track
23Casper von FolsachC. von FolsachCycling - Track
24Niklas LarsenN. LarsenCycling - Track
25Casper PedersenC. PedersenCycling - Track
26Frederik MadsenF. MadsenCycling - Track
27Anna KasprzakA. KasprzakEquestrian
28Agnete Kirk ThinggaardA. Kirk ThinggaardEquestrian
29Anders DahlA. DahlEquestrian
30Cathrine DufourC. DufourEquestrian
31Thorbjørn OlesenT. OlesenGolf
32Søren KjeldsenS. KjeldsenGolf
33Nicole Broch LarsenN. Broch LarsenGolf
34Nanna Koerstz MadsenN. MadsenGolf
35Mikkel HansenM. HansenHandball
36Niklas Landin JacobsenN. JacobsenHandball
37Jesper NøddesboJ. NøddesboHandball
38Rene Toft HansenR. HansenHandball
39Michael DamgaardM. DamgaardHandball
40Lasse Svan HansenL. Svan HansenHandball
41Casper Ulrich MortensenC. MortensenHandball
42Mads Mensah LarsenM. LarsenHandball
43Henrik Toft HansenH.T. HansenHandball
44Kasper SøndergaardK. SøndergaardHandball
45Henrik MøllgaardH. MøllgaardHandball
46Jannick GreenJ. GreenHandball
47Mads ChristiansenM. ChristiansenHandball
48Morten OlsenM. OlsenHandball
49Fie Udby ErichsenF. ErichsenRowing
50Anne Lolk ThomsenA. ThomsenRowing
51Mads RasmussenM. RasmussenRowing
52Rasmus QuistR. QuistRowing
53Juliane RasmussenJ. RasmussenRowing
54Morten JørgensenM. JørgensenRowing
55Jacob BarsøeJ. BarsøeRowing
56Kasper JoergensenK. JoergensenRowing
57Jacob LarsenJ. LarsenRowing
58Lisbet JakobsenL. JakobsenRowing
59Anne AndersenA. AndersenRowing
60Nina HollensenN. HollensenRowing
61Hedvig RasmussenH. RasmussenRowing
62Jonas Høgh-ChristensenJ. Høgh-ChristensenSailing
63Jonas WarrerJ. WarrerSailing
64Sebastian FleischerS. FleischerSailing
65Anne-Marie RindomA. RindomSailing
66Allan NorregaardA. NorregaardSailing
67Laerke Buhl-HansenL. Buhl-HansenSailing
68Katja Salskov-IversenK. Salskov-IversenSailing
69Michael HansenM. HansenSailing
70Christian Peter LübeckC. LübeckSailing
71Jena Mai HansenJ. HansenSailing
72Anette Viborg AndreasenA.V. AndreasenSailing
73Torben GrimmelT. GrimmelShooting
74Stine NielsenS. NielsenShooting
75Jesper HansenJ. HansenShooting
76Yussuf PoulsenY. PoulsenSoccer
77Lasse VibeL. VibeSoccer
78Emil LarsenE. LarsenSoccer
79Andreas MaxsøA. MaxsøSoccer
80Nicolai Brock-MadsenN. Brock-MadsenSoccer
81Lasse Vigen ChristensenL. ChristensenSoccer
82Jeppe HøjbjergJ. HøjbjergSoccer
83Kasper LarsenK. LarsenSoccer
84Robert SkovR. SkovSoccer
85Jens JønssonJ. JønssonSoccer
86Lukas FernandesL. FernandesSoccer
87Mikkel DeslerM. DeslerSoccer
88Jakob BlåbjergJ. BlåbjergSoccer
89Casper NielsenC. NielsenSoccer
90Frederik BørstingF. BørstingSoccer
91Pascal GregorP. GregorSoccer
92Ediegerson GomesE. GomesSoccer
93Jeanette OttesenJ. OttesenSwimming
94Pernille BlumeP. BlumeSwimming
95Lotte FriisL. FriisSwimming
96Rikke Møller PedersenR. PedersenSwimming
97Mie NielsenM. NielsenSwimming
98Viktor BromerV. BromerSwimming
99Pál JoensenP. JoensenSwimming
100Daniel SkaaningD. SkaaningSwimming
101Mads GlæsnerM. GlæsnerSwimming
102Anton Oerskov IpsenA. O. IpsenSwimming
103Anders Lie NielsenA. NielsenSwimming
104Magnus WestermannM. WestermannSwimming
105Julie Kepp JensenJ. JensenSwimming
106Sarah BroS. BroSwimming
107Søren DahlS. DahlSwimming
108Jonathan GrothJ. GrothTable tennis
109Caroline WozniackiC. WozniackiTennis
110Sara PetersenS. PetersenTrack & field
111Stina TroestS. TroestTrack & field
112Anna-Emilie MollerA. MollerTrack & field
113Abdi Hakin UladA.H. UladTrack & field
114Andreas BubeA. BubeTrack & field
115Anna Holm BaumeisterA. BaumeisterTrack & field
116Jessica Draskau-PeterssonJ. Draskau-PeterssonTrack & field
117Ole HesselbjergO. HesselbjergTrack & field
118Andreas SchillingA. SchillingTriathlon
119Mark Overgaard MadsenM. MadsenWrestling

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