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Cuba Olympic Team at the 2016 Rio Olympics

Olympic history

Cuba has won a total of 208 medals in the history of the Olympic Games. It is among the top medal-winning nations. Cuba has already participated in 19 Olympic Games. Rio Olympics 2016 will be the 20th participation of the country that has been taking home an average of 11 medals each time.

Medals won in Rio Olympics

Out of the total 208 medals earned by Cuba in the past Olympic Games, most of them are gold medals, followed by bronze and silver medals. Cuban athletes have won a majority of their medals during the Summer Olympic Games. It is currently ranked at 22nd position.

Top Cuban athletes

Various Cuban athletes have managed to pull notable spectacular performances in the Olympic Games. Teofilo Stevenson is one of these athletes. In 1972, the Cuban star was crowned for the first time as Olympic heavyweight champion. Four years later, in the next Olympic games in Montreal, Teofilo defended his title. History was written in 1980 Olympics in Moscow when Teofilo Stevenson became the first ever Olympian to win a gold medal for three consecutive times in the same category. The legend terminated his boxing career in the year 1988 after a total of 302 victories and only 22 defeats.

Expectations in the Rio games

A lot is expected from Cuba in the fast-approaching Rio Olympic Games. Cuba has secured five spots in boxing. In the flyweight category, it will be represented by the undefeated champion Yosbany Veitia Soto, who claimed that Cuba will have an excellent run in the upcoming Rio Olympics.

The 2016 Games in Numbers

  • Sports : 20
  • Athletes Participating : 118
  • Events : 100

Olympic Medals Table Cuba

London 2012Summer Games43512
Beijing 2008Summer Games2101224
Athens 2004Summer Games871126
Sydney 2000Summer Games1110728
Atlanta 1996Summer Games88824
Barcelona 1992Summer Games1361130
Moscow 1980Summer Games87520
Montreal 1976Summer Games64313
Munich 1972Summer Games3148
Mexico 1968Summer Games0404
Tokyo 1964Summer Games0101
London 1948Summer Games0101
St Louis 1904Summer Games4239
Paris 1900Summer Games1102

Cuba Olympic Athletes at 2016 Rio Summer Olympics

S.N.Athletes NamesSports
1Adrián PuentesA. PuentesArchery
2Osleni GuerreroO. GuerreroBadminton
3Nivaldo Nadhir Díaz GomezN. GomezBeach volleyball
4Sergio Reynaldo Gonzalez BayardS. GonzálezBeach volleyball
5Robeisy Ramirez CarrazanaR. RamirezBoxing
6Erislandy SavónE. SavónBoxing
7Julio César La CruzJ. La CruzBoxing
8Roniel Iglesias SotolongoR. Iglesias SotolongoBoxing
9Lázaro ÁlvarezL. ÁlvarezBoxing
10Yasniel Toledo LópezY. Toledo LópezBoxing
11Arlen LopezA. LopezBoxing
12Yosvany VeitíaY. VeitíaBoxing
13Joahnys ArgilagosJ. ArgilagosBoxing
14Lenier PeroL. PeroBoxing
15Reinier TorresR. TorresCanoe sprint
16Fernando Dayan Jorge EnriquezF. Jorge EnriquezCanoe sprint
17Yusmari MenganaY. MenganaCanoe sprint
18Fidel VargasF. VargasCanoe sprint
19Jorge GarcíaJ. GarcíaCanoe sprint
20Arlenis Sierra CañadillaA. Sierra CañadillaCycling - Road
21Lisandra Guerra RodriguezL. Guerra RodriguezCycling - Track
22Marlies Mejias GarciaM. Mejias GarciaCycling - Track
23Yoandys Johny IriarteY. IriarteFencing
24Manrique LarduetM. LarduetGymnastics
25Marcia VideauxM. VideauxGymnastics
26Randy LerúR. LerúGymnastics
27Asley GonzálezA. GonzálezJudo
28Idalys OrtizI. OrtizJudo
29José ArmenterosJ. ArmenterosJudo
30Dayaris Mestre ÁlvarezD. Mestre ÁlvarezJudo
31Yalennis CastilloY. CastilloJudo
32Alex Maxell Garcia MendozaA. Garcia MendozaJudo
33Maricet EspinosaM. EspinosaJudo
34Ivan Felipe Silva MoralesI. Silva MoralesJudo
35Magdiel EstradaM. EstradaJudo
36Leydi Laura MoyaL.L. MoyaModern pentathlon
37José FigueroaJ. FigueroaModern pentathlon
38Angel Fournier RodriguezA. Fournier RodriguezRowing
39Liosbel HernandezL. HernandezRowing
40Licet HernandezL. HernandezRowing
41Yislena HernandezY. HernandezRowing
42Adrian OquendoA. OquendoRowing
43Eduardo Rubio RodriguezE. RubioRowing
44Raul Hernandez HidalgoR. Hernandez HidalgoRowing
45Leuris PupoL. PupoShooting
46Juan Miguel RodríguezJ. RodríguezShooting
47Eglis Yaima CruzE.Y. CruzShooting
48Reinier EstpinanR. EstpinanShooting
49Dianelys PerezD. PérezShooting
50Alexander Molerio QuintanaA. MolerioShooting
51Jorge Grau PotrilleJ. Grau PotrilleShooting
52Luis Emigdio Vega TorresL. Vega TorresSwimming
53Elisbet Gamez MatosE. Gamez MatosSwimming
54Andy PereiraA. PereiraTable tennis
55Jorge CamposJ. CamposTable tennis
56Yunier Rafael Alba CastilloY.R. Alba CastilloTaekwondo
57Dayron RoblesD. RoblesTrack & field
58Yarisley SilvaY. SilvaTrack & field
59Pedro Pablo PichardoP. PichardoTrack & field
60Denia CaballeroD. CaballeroTrack & field
61Roberto SkyersR. SkyersTrack & field
62Yordan O'FarrillY. O'FarrillTrack & field
63Lázaro MartínezL. MartínezTrack & field
64Yaime PerezY. PerezTrack & field
65Yorgelis RodríguezY. RodríguezTrack & field
66Sahily DiagoS. DiagoTrack & field
67Roberto JanetR. JanetTrack & field
68Reynier MenaR. MenaTrack & field
69Rose Mary AlmanzaR.M. AlmanzaTrack & field
70Yaniuvis LópezY. LópezTrack & field
71Williams CollazoW. CollazoTrack & field
72Yoandys LescayY. LescayTrack & field
73Richer PérezR. PérezTrack & field
74Arialis GandullaA. GandullaTrack & field
75Jhoanis PortillaJ. PortillaTrack & field
76Yirisleydi FordY. FordTrack & field
77Lisneidy VeitiaL. VeitiaTrack & field
78Yaniel CarreroY. CarreroTrack & field
79Dailín BelmonteD. BelmonteTrack & field
80Zurian HechavarríaZ. HechavarríaTrack & field
81Liadagmis PoveaL. PoveaTrack & field
82Ernesto ReveE. ReveTrack & field
83Osmaidel PellicierO. PellicierTrack & field
84Adrian ChacónA. ChacónTrack & field
85Jorge FernándezJ. FernándezTrack & field
86Leandro ZamoraL. ZamoraTrack & field
87César Y. RuizC.Y. RuizTrack & field
88Edel R. AmoresE. AmoresTrack & field
89Jose Luis GasparJ.L. GasparTrack & field
90Reidis RamosR. RamosTrack & field
91Yulenmis AguilarY. AguilarTrack & field
92Saily ViartS. ViartTrack & field
93Liván OsoriaL. OsoriaVolleyball
94Javier Ernesto Jimenez ScullJ. Jimenez ScullVolleyball
95Yosvani Gonzalez NicolasY. Gonzalez NicolasVolleyball
96Osniel MelgarejoO. MelgarejoVolleyball
97Mario Luis Rivera SanchezM. Rivera SanchezVolleyball
98Osniel RendónO. RendónVolleyball
99Reinier Rojas CohimbraR. Rojas CohimbraVolleyball
100Javier Octavio Concepcion RojasJ. Concepcion RojasVolleyball
101Miguel Angel Lopez CastroM. Lopez CastroVolleyball
102Adrián GoideA. GoideVolleyball
103Darienn FerrerD. FerrerVolleyball
104Yoelmis HernándezY. HernándezWeightlifting
105Marina RodriguezM. RodriguezWeightlifting
106Mijaín LópezM. LópezWrestling
107Liván López AzcuyL. López AzcuyWrestling
108Javier CortinaJ. CortinaWrestling
109Ismael Borrero MolinaI. BorreroWrestling
110Reineris SalasR. SalasWrestling
111Yowlys BonneY. BonneWrestling
112Yasmany Daniel Lugo CabreraY. Lugo CabreraWrestling
113Alejandro ValdesA. ValdesWrestling
114Yurisandy Hernandez RiosY. Hernandez RiosWrestling
115M. Martinez PalacioWrestling

Last Updated On : August 05, 2016