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Belarus Olympic Team at the 2016 Rio Olympics

Belarus at Rio Olympics

Belarus Olympic team has been playing as part of USSR team until the 1994 Olympic Games held in Lillehammer. Belarus started participating in Olympic Games as an independent nation in the year 1993. Ever since the country commenced its Olympic campaign, it has managed to achieve a total of 88 Olympic medals. Belarus has already taken part in 10 Olympic competitions.

Belarus in Summer Games

Like most of other countries which have ever participated in Olympic Games, Belarus has earned most of its Olympic medals in the Summer Olympic Games. Out of the 88 medals, the country has won a total of 79 medals in the summer games. Belarus has won 13 gold medals in 2012 London Olympics. Only one gold medal was acquired in the winter Olympic Games.

Top Belarus Athletes

The first ever Belarusian Olympian to ever win a gold medal is wrestler Oleg Karavayev, who was crowned champion at the 1960 Olympic Games held in Rome. There are other outstanding Belarusian Olympians such as rowing champion Ekaterina Karsten, powerful gymnast Vitally Scherbo and Yuliya Nesterenko, popularly known as the white lightning.

Expectations in Rio 2016 Games

Nothing but an outstanding performance is expected from the Belarus team in the upcoming Rio Olympic Games. Marking its sixth consecutive appearance in the Olympic Games, Belarus will be represented in more than 75 disciplines. The country will be participating in kayaking, gymnastics, canoeing, weightlifting, trampoline and even road cycling. There are high hopes that Belarus will scoop even a better number of medals in the next competitions bearing in mind their option is wide open.

The 2016 Games in Numbers

  • Sports : 24
  • Athletes Participating : 123
  • Events : 90

Belarus Olympic Athletes at 2016 Summer Olympics

Athletes NameSports
Anton PrylepauArchery
Lindsey HardingBasketball
Yelena LeuchankaBasketball
Anastasiya VerameyenkaBasketball
Maryia PapovaBasketball
Katsiaryna SnytsinaBasketball
Tatyana TroinaBasketball
Aliaksandra TarasavaBasketball
Tatsiana LikhtarovichBasketball
Yuliya RytsikavaBasketball
Nataliya TrafimavaBasketball
Volha ZiuzkovaBasketball
Dzmitry AsanauBoxing
Mikhail DauhaliavetsBoxing
Pavel KastraminBoxing
Maryna PautaranCanoe sprint
Volha KhudzenkaCanoe sprint
Marharyta TsishkevichCanoe sprint
Nadzeya PapokCanoe sprint
Vasil KiryienkaCycling - Road
Kanstantsin SivtsovCycling - Road
Alena AmialiusikCycling - Road
Tatsiana SharakovaCycling - Track
Vadim KapturDiving
Yauheni KaraliovDiving
Aliaksandr BuikevichFencing
Kylie DicksonGymnastics
Andrey LikhovitskiyGymnastics
Darya SkrypnikJudo
Dzmitry ShershanJudo
Anastasiya ProkopenkoModern pentathlon
Melita StanyutaRhythmic gymnastics
Katsiaryna HalkinaRhythmic gymnastics
Maria KadobinaRhythmic gymnastics
Valeriya PischelinaRhythmic gymnastics
Arina TsitsilinaRhythmic gymnastics
Hanna DudzenkovaRhythmic gymnastics
Maryia KatsiakRhythmic gymnastics
Ekaterina KarstenRowing
Yuliya BichykRowing
Tatsiana Kukhta Rowing
Dzianis MihalRowing
Ihar PashevichRowing
Stanislau ShcharbacheniaRowing
Vadzim LialinRowing
Alena FurmanRowing
Inna NikulinaRowing
Mikalai SharlapRowing
Tatiana DrozdovskayaSailing
Mikita TsirkunSailing
Viktoria ChaikaShooting
Vitali BubnovichShooting
Illia CharheikaShooting
Yury ShcherbatsevichShooting
Aleksandra GerasimenyaSwimming
Yauhen TsurkinSwimming
Pavel SankovichSwimming
Yuliya KhitrayaSwimming
Viktar StaselovichSwimming
Mikita TsmyhSwimming
Veronika YesipovichSynchronized swimming
Iryna LimanouskayaSynchronized swimming
Vladimir SamsonovTable tennis
Viktoria PavlovichTable tennis
Aleksandra PrivalovaTable tennis
Max MirnyiTennis
Aliaksandr BuryTennis
Alina TalayTrack & field
Ivan TsikhanTrack & field
Maryna ArzamasavaTrack & field
Volha MazuronakTrack & field
Tatsiana KhaladovichTrack & field
Aliona DubitskayaTrack & field
Alena SobalevaTrack & field
Alena AbramchukTrack & field
Sviatlana KudzelichTrack & field
Andrei ChurylaTrack & field
Yuliya LeantsiukTrack & field
Volha SudaravaTrack & field
Pavel BareishaTrack & field
Katsiaryna PaplauskayaTrack & field
Kanstantsin BarycheuskiTrack & field
Ivan TrotskiTrack & field
Dzmitry PlatnitskiTrack & field
Hanna MalyshikTrack & field
Siarhei KalamoyetsTrack & field
Anastasiya PuzakovaTrack & field
Maksim NiastsiarenkaTrack & field
Nastassia IvanovaTrack & field
Stsiapan RahautsouTrack & field
Uladzislau PramauTrack & field
Nastassia YatsevichTrack & field
Natallia ViatkinaTrack & field
Aliaksandr LiakhovichTrack & field
Tatsiana KorzhTrack & field
Yuliya KarolTrack & field
Artsem BandarenkaTrack & field
Katsiaryna BelanovichTrack & field
Iryna YakaltsevichTrack & field
Maryna DamantsevichTrack & field
Iryna VaskouskayaTrack & field
Dmitri NabokauTrack & field
Tatsiana PiatreniaTrampoline
Uladzislau HancharouTrampoline
Hanna HarchonakTrampoline
Vadzim StraltsouWeightlifting
Petr AsayonakWeightlifting
Aliaksandr BersanauWeightlifting
Anastasiya MikhalenkaWeightlifting
Darya NaumavaWeightlifting
Pavel KhadasevichWeightlifting
Darya PachabutWeightlifting
Soslan DaurovWrestling
Vasilisa MarzaliukWrestling
Javid HamzatovWrestling
Tsimafei DzeinichenkaWrestling
Amarhajy MahamedauWrestling
Ibragim SaidovWrestling

Olympic Medals Count Belarus

Sochi 2014Winter Games5016
London 2012Summer Games25512
Vancouver 2010Winter Games1113
Beijing 2008 Summer Games45918
Turin 2006 Winter Games0101
Athens 2004Summer Games25613
Salt Lake City 2002Winter Games0011
Sydney 2000Summer Games331117
Nagano 1998Winter Games0022
Atlanta 1996Summer Games16815
Lillehammer 1994Winter Games0202

Last Updated On : August 05, 2016