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Cricket Match Highlights

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A number of interesting facets and instances emerge during every World Cup. All of these may not be significant enough but some of them are worth remembering. They are not merely records but something that remains etched in the minds of the spectators.
Highlights at the World Cup : 
  • During the 2003 edition in South Africa. The great Shane Warne of Australia failed a drug test and was recalled by Cricket Australia , Australian cricket's governing body. He was later banned for a year.

  • In 1996, Kenya shocked the world by defeating two-times champions, the mighty West Indies. They again sprang a surprise in 2003 when they proved everybody wrong by reaching the semi-finals.

  • In 1999 Bangladesh had also achieved a similar feat when they defeated Pakistan in a group match. This performance helped them secure their Test status in a big way.

  • The 1992 World Cup ushered in a new concept in limited overs cricket. Players donned colored shirts and played with a white ball. Also, most of the matches were played under lights. Third umpires were also used for the first time.

  • N Clarke of The Netherlands and T Jubair of Bangladesh became the oldest player and youngest player respectively to play at the World Cup. Clarke played at the age of 47 years and 257 days while Jubair was 17 years and 70 days old when he took the field against the West Indies.

  • In 1987, the World Cup was held in Asia for the first time with India and Pakistan hosting it jointly.