Map of Chonju, South Korea

Chonju in South Korea has attracted travelers worldwide. The travelers from all over the world come to see the 40 feet high Statue of Buddha in Chonju and the Kumsansa (Gold Mountain) temple of the 6th century. A panoramic view of numerous pagodas can
be seen from Mt. Maisan. The other attractions of Chonju include Miruk- sa stone pagoda and Tokyu- san National Park. The Chonju city in South Korea is bordered by steep mountains slopes with bastioned castles on it.

Chonju city in South Korea is also known as Jeonju. Chonju lies in the south western side of South Korea. It is also the capital of North Cholla province. This city in South Korea is about 34 km away from the Yellow Sea in the east. Chonju has emerged as a important manufacturing and trade center in South Korea. Some of the products of Chonju city of South Korea are silk, cigarettes, silk, bamboo products, sake, silver, paper and cottonseed oil. According to the census report of 2005, the Chonju city is calculated to have a population of 563,406.

Under the Japanese rule from 1910- 1945, Chonju was known as Zenshu. The origin of the city trace back to the period (57BC) of Three Kingdoms. During those times, Chonju was a vital point for civil, local and military establishment. Chonju is referred to as the place of birth for the Yi Dynasty which later on governed Korea from ( 1392- 1910).

Thus, Chonju is one of the famous cities in South Korea.

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