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The World (Geo)   Winter World (Geo)
The World (VDG)   Hotine Oblique Mercator
Wondered how different the image of the world could look with different projections? This particular section of world maps will show you exactly this. Projections play an important role in the world of cartography. They not only impact the distortion factor of the map but also over all look and feel of the map.

Geographic (Plate Caree), Van Der Grinten and Hotine Oblique Mercator projections are the 3 variations shown in this section. Except the winter world map, all the other 3 maps show the topography and bathymetry of the world.

Title Sub Title Size
The World (Geo) Topography & Bathymetry 18" x 36",
24" x 48"
Winter World (Geo) Topography & Snowover 18" x 36",
24" x 48"
The World (VDG) Topography & Bathymetry 18" x 26",
24" x 34"
Hotine Oblique Mercator Topography & Bathymetry 18" x 23",
24" x 30"
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