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The World (VDG)

The World (VDG)
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  • Projection: Van Der Grinten
  • Map Style: Spectrum World
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About map
World satellite imagery map with a 30° latitude/longitude grid indicates world's land cover and bathymetry. NASA's MODIS satellite instrumentation data, August 2004 for land imagery, information of RAMP II dataset, Version 2, 2001 and GEBCO, 2003 for bathymetry and data collated by Antarctica made by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's AVHRR sensor for Polar sea ice is used to create this map. Tiny details such as tectonic plate boundaries on ocean floor and Grand Canyon can also be seen on this satellite imagery map.
Plaque Mounting - Explained
The giclee prints are also available plaque mounted. A 5 mil. non glare UV malt laminate is applied to the giclee print with heat and pressure in a heat press.