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view with Snow Cover
Available in Giclee Print or Plaque Mount, in sizes of 18"x36" or 24"x48", this world map shows the northern hemisphere covered with snow.

Prices Start From:  $72.00

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Map Projections & Styles
Map Projections & Styles
Whole world maps are available in different map projections, for example Geographic, Van der Grinten, Oblique Mercator etc. The projection will determine the shape of the map. Additionally, almost all satellite imagery maps are available in different styles.
Satellite Imagery Maps - An overview
Maps are no longer just an object providing information; they have indeed changed their meaning and have become an integral part of home and office decors. Welcome to the world of never seen before Satellite Imagery Maps. Satellite Imagery Maps; consist of images of earth and its various parts taken from a satellite. From class rooms to drawing rooms of classy and elites, these show stealer and center of attraction Satellite Imagery Maps will definitely make you a proud owner.
What is a Giclee Print?
Giclee Prints are specialized fine art prints made with an inkjet printing process. This printing style is used to make fine art prints in large sizes.
Plaque Mounting - Explained
The giclee prints are also available plaque mounted. A 5 mil. non glare UV matt laminate is applied to the giclee print with heat and pressure in a heat press.