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Hotine Oblique Mercator Earth
About map
A not so common satellite imagery map in Hotine Oblique Mercator projection shows the world in a totally new perspective. The blues used in this world satellite imagery map are exceptionally fantastic to look at. Topography and bathymetry of the world is shown in a precise manner on this world map. Map projection parameters are chosen in such a way, that distortion is shifted to areas of ocean and least recognizable land masses, resulting in a flat map with least distortion at poles and familiar areas. This satellite imagery map having a 15° latitude, longitude grid, shows international borders marked with a red boundary.
Plaque Mounting - Explained
The giclee prints are also available plaque mounted. A 5 mil. non glare UV malt laminate is applied to the giclee print with heat and pressure in a heat press.
  • Projection: Hotine Oblique Mercator
  • Map Style: Spectrum World
Size (in inches) Giclee Print Plus Shipping Charges Plaque Mounted Giclee Print Plus Shipping Charges
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